Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hotel Review: Hotel Hollaender Hof (Heidelberg) (4*)

One thing about German hotels is that there is NO kettle so if you’re like me and need your green tea, bring a small kettle. We didn’t know so we didn’t bring =( in terms of value for money, we think Japanese hotels beat them flat. At the same rate, Japanese hotels offer much more amenities (toothbrush, toothpaste la, even facial cleanser etc… you may read my reviews of Japanese hotels)

Conveniently situated right in front of Alte Bruecke, the Hollaender Hof is an ideal location for exploring Altstadt.

The receptionist, who is fluent in English, is warm and helpful. Rooms come with a picturesque view of Alte Brucke. Internet available (2.50 Euros/hr).

However, as the hotel is along the main road beside the Neckar River, traffic can be heard til late into the night so it’s not good for light-sleepers like me. The hotel also does not have parking so you have to park at a nearby public carpark (P12) about 10 mins walk away but you get a subsidized rate. Make sure you get to P12 early as it’s the carpark nearest to Schloss Heidelberg so it will be full by noon. Hotel is not near train station (I think).

Warning: don’t say I never say hor! DO NOT eat at the restaurant =P the food is very bad. It’s the very giam sausage and horrible salad (the shredded carrot on bed of wet iceberg lettuce one)

For a quieter alternative, you may try Hotel Am Schloss right next to carpark P12, in front of the entrance to Schloss Heidelberg. This hotel is also right next to the Hauptbahnhof (train station) so it’s very convenient for people who don’t drive.