Monday, 8 June 2009

Hotel Review: Hotel Müller Hohenswangau (5*)

This is the best hotel we've stayed in so far. I choose one ma haha...

This is the most convenient hotel to stay at if you spend the night in Hohenswangau, where the famous Schloss Neuschwanstein stands. Very traditional and cosy place with very helpful and warm staff, who dress in traditional German cosumes. Very good service. Free parking and free unlimited wireless internet.

Buffet breakfast is included. Decent spread. Not a wide range but good quality. The soft boiled eggs are really nice.

Some rooms come with Schloss Neuschwanstein view. We couldn’t get the Neuschwanstein view but were equally satisfied with the Hohenswangau view.

Schloss Hohenswangau from our balcony

Chris and melody enjoying the wonderful scenery from the balcony.

Located right next to the ticket booth for the castle admission, the staff can get tickets on your behalf so you don’t have to queue like everybody else. It’s also right at the bottom of the path that leads to Schloss Hohenswangau and right beside the queueing point for horse carriage up the castles.

The restaurant serves very good food with a clear view of Schloss Neischwanstein if you make reservations. We had dinner there and thoroughly enjoyed it =)

dinner comes with complimentary appetiser (roast beef) and champagne but we don’t feel like drinking so they gave us something else. It’s nice that they use pretty porcelain (Villeroy & Boch), fine glassware (Schott Zweisel) and cutlery (WMF) yet the atmosphere is relaxed (not tense in some of those v high class ones where you have to be careful not to kling klang your cutleries so u r so stressed u can’t enjoy the food LOL)

Chris: dear dear! This restaurant the cutleries is must eat from outside to inside one neh!!! So atas!

My starter: lobster bisque with shrimps (chris had oxtail soup… to hungry la... didn’t take photos)

My entrée: white asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Chris’ entrée: fried river trout