Monday, 8 June 2009

I <3 Xin1 Jia1 Po1

*sobs + wipe tears with tissue + blow nose* i feel so blessed to live in singapore where good food abound... we often take for granted the chicken rice or wan ton mee we ta bao from the neighbourhood coffeeshop *sobs* and so cheap some more *blow nose* really thank God... parking also cheap... and so clean, so safe. weather v hot but at least skin won't crack...

i <3 singapore! *sobs* think when i go back and taste the first spoonful of hock lam beef noodles soup, i might cry...

this is home truly
where there is bah chor mee,
kway png, laksa, hae mee
for $3 only
this is home surely
never mind ERP
this is where... i won't go hungry!!!
for this is where there's food to eat...

*wipe tear*

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