Friday, 26 June 2009

Liu Lian Liu Lian Liu Lian!

that day for fathers' day at my in laws, we were stunned to see so many people... the relatives and all. there was a lot of food, mainly my father in law's favourites like curry fish head, turtle soup, duck etc... so we ate ate ate... mum in law urged everyone to eat more...

2nd uncle: don't eat too full, got DURIANS!!! =DDDDDD
me: O.O|||

so after dinner they cleared the table and 2nd uncle happily plonked the bag of foul-smelling fruit on the chair and started opening them... i escaped to the sitting room... but chris and pat wanted to watch TV AND eat durian so i was trapped there, no where to go, the room filled with foul smell. even the dog Scruffy had a great time licking durian off pat's hands >.<

talking about scruffy, chris was reading the newspapers on the floor and left it there to get another "hood" of durian then scruffy when there and pee-ed on it!!! he is so trained to pee on newspaper that when he sees newspaper, he just pees there! LOL

then... when we were about to go home, grandma wanted to shove a box of durians to chris. she feels heart pain that her grandson doesn't get to eat durians often because his wife hates durians. i froze... she asked...

grandma: ah boy oei sai jiak liu liang boei? (can ah boy eat durian?)
me: hehehe ^^ *don't know how to respond*

she ngeh ngeh want to pass to chris even though he kept shaking his head...

grandma: ah boy ai jiak... (ah boy wants to eat...)

of cos chris didn't take that box of fruit la... he knows durians are not allowed at home and if he ever put that in the fridge >.< yeeeewwww! he whole fridge will stink! but i felt a bit bad cos i think ah ma was disappointed =((