Saturday, 13 June 2009


haha while searching for the samsui women theme song, i found some old old SBC TV dramas that i once loved =))) they're so classic. much better than the ones now. those were the times huang wen yong was considered quite a stud LOL

of cos, samsui women was one of my favourites =)

i also loved

wu4 suo3 nan2 yang2

coincidentally, they like to start the song with AHHH!!!

bian1 yuan2 shao4 nian2... i really loved the theme song LOL

i also loved this song, especially the starting tu tu tu du tu part! hahahahaha i could sing it man!

and this one, i think most singaporeans can hum... haha... Kopi-O

i loved zoe tay in this

i also liked
my fair lady

jin1 lan2 jie2

Golly... hahaha.... anyone knows where i can download to watch again?? LOL