Thursday, 11 June 2009

Paris Day 1

this is the breakfast they serve on the train from Munich to Paris =) decent la... like airplane food lor (but not as nice... i'm one of those weirdos who like airplane food cos i find it v "complete" got veg got meat got dessert LOL)

like i said, because the food sucked big time, i was too tired to shoot many photos. these are the places we visited =)

LV shrine... wa biang, there was a long Q of devotees man... i didn't Q la... siao ah. i bought my stuff from Galerie Lafayette on the last day instead.

Arc De Triomphe (which is in front of Champs-Elysees, THE shopping street)

ah yo, it was so super crowded >.< and don't ask me why i didn't take a shot of it at night with the car lights zhioop here zhioop there hor. i also want but sunset at 10pm -.- and got to risk life, stand in the middle of the road, set up tripod... siaoz

think Day 1 photos not nice cos chris n i quarelled a bit and he ignored me =((( so i no mood. cos i wanted to Q up to see Andy Warhol's exhibition at the Grand Palaise and we Q-ed for 40 mins and he didn't like the exhibition at all so he said i was v stubborn =((((((((

Andy Warhol is a pop artist based in Pittsburg. i'm sure you have seen his work (see below... pic from internet)

Madeleine church... cool... golden rectangle.

Tour Eiffel... also super crowded. we didn't bother to climb up la... cos the Q was suuuuuuuper long. we also went to Trocadero where supposedly, you can get the best view of Eiffel tower but didn't take photo la... so cliche. everyone also take from there. i choose to take from near near... like the poster at Ikea hor? LOL

we decided to do a silly cliche shot haha... and chris purposedly posed like he thinks he is in the wrong country (Matt's country LOL)