Thursday, 11 June 2009

Paris Day 2

If there's one place i find nicest in Paris, it's got to be The Lourve... the architecture is really beautiful ^^

however, we suay suay (some people may think it's heng heng) came on the day admission was free so the whole paris was there too so it was super super crowded like chinatown in CNY and it was so stuffy inside i felt faint so we came out after tahan-ing until we see the original Mona Lisa. it's boxed up in glass and cordoned off about 3m away... so kuah zhang.

The Lourve compound is too big le la... don't think you can finish walking through ALL the exhibitions.

the other place i quite like is Notre Dame Cathedral. but when we were there, there was a service going on so we couldn't go near the altar plus it was super crowded (-.- what's new in Paris?).

i have always wanted to see gargoyles up close and actually they don't look v scary one neh.

this gargoyle must be thinking "dinner eat wat ha?"

climbing up the tower is no joke hor. 400 steps. no lift, no toilets. not recommended for pregnant women, elderly, those with cardiac conditions or vertigo and also not for those too... erm... not thin cos some parts are v v narrow so... may kena stuck. but the climb is really worth it cos it gives an amzing view of paris ^^

chris going down the spiral stairs

The Great Bell. in Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is the bell ringer lor.