Thursday, 11 June 2009

Paris Day 3

We went to Chateau De Versailles which Grace strongly recommended. but... but... but... they were carrying out restoration works!!!! so got wrap here wrap there, machinery everywhere, fountain not on, flowers all uprooted... @#$@!#%#$^%$&%$^%@#%!$%!@#$!@%@#$^%$^#$%^ then again, Grace also said Paris is VERY nice -.- cos she doesn't eat ma -.-

then it started drizzling... so i took a grand total of 13 photos -.-

try to imagine got fountain bishhhhhhh out water k?

then chris brought me to Galerie Lafayette =DDDDDDDDDDD u know the equation

let x be the no. of photos taken
let y be the amount of money spent shopping
x = k/y where k is a positive real constant

k la k la, europe (in particular paris) is not bad la =P