Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Paris: First Impressions

it's really very beautiful... the architecture is amazing... oh, the roads have no lane markings one *pats chest*

The River Seine

it's also a very cultural place. there're musicians/artistes EVERYWHERE, buskers. even IN the trains. u can board a train and then a violinist, trumpeter, guitarist, accordian player etc will come in and entertain u. if u r impressed, u can give money.

this guitarist is v v good.

there was even a puppeteer... he just put up a curtain between two poles and started doing his show... so funny.

then we met a v funny street comedian who wears a mask then goes around kacheow-ing people... hahaha... everyone was so tickled.

so everywhere u go, u get entertained. sit train got music, walk underpass got music, Q up also got music...

it's everywhere.... which also makes it v difficult for them to make a living... cos it's everywhere. i believe the parisians r immune to it le. on the first day we were v enthralled. but by the second day, we got used to them le LOL


it's super crowded >.< especially at the touristy spots like The Lourve and Champs-Élysées... wa biang, almost like our chinatown near CNY =P

the streets are dirty, check out this car drenched in bird droppings =P

some stations, walkways and underpasses got pee smell. we smelled like 5 times a day >.< =PPPPPPPP

the food is BAD!!!! *CRY*

i was hungry most of the time so no energy to take many photos. not enough nutrition ma... pai seh. i will upload them once i have editted them k!

Au revoir!