Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Product Review: Khiel's Epidermal Re-texturising Micro-dermabrasion 4.5*

I brought this during pre-Christmas sale and had wanted to wait patiently until I finished my loccitane immortelle exfoliating scrub before opening it but yesterday, i don't know what got into me i just had to open it to use it... GAH... i wished i didn't... cos now, i won't wanna use my loccitane liaoz LOL

the instructions said to apply for at least 30 seconds but not more than 2 mins so after about 1 min of massaging, HWA! my face not only became INSTANTLY smoother, it was brighter and more radiant as well! i was so thrilled i applied some on my arm (the part near my shoulder) and my elbows and AH!!!!!! my elbows became lighter too!!!! my arms had some sunspots which i swear lightened.... then not to waste, i massaged my hands with the remains and AH!!!!!! the hands brightened...!!!!

WA, so cheap yet so good. worth a try.