Monday, 29 June 2009

Product Review: LG Tromm Combo Washer Cum Dryer (WD1488RD) 4.5*

i'm v glad we got this machine ^^ actually if i had a choice, i'd prefer a separate washer and dryer but due to space constrains and the configuration of my kitchen cabinets, i have to settle for a combo. there was a promotion so we paid $999 (UP is $1399 think, can't rmb) having a dryer is great for duvet covers and large items like table clothes etc..., jeans that take ages to dry and for those last min need to wash n dry type of stuff. in our HDB flat, we don't really get the sun so big items take really long to dry. i also don't dare to hang clothes out to dry cos i'm afraid people throw/pour things out of their windows and hang mops out to dry >.<

 what i like:
+ good range of wash choices (cotton, eco, delicates, wool/silk, hand) i can't wait to try the handwash function =) i used to handwash quite a number of clothes >.<|||
+ before starting, the drum will toss the clothes for a few rounds to "fluff" them up. this reduces creases + the remaining time is displayed on the screen
+ there is child lock function for the buttons (good for people w kids)
+ relatively quick washing (avg about 1.5 hrs)
+ very very quiet! last time that old machine ah yo, it will go weeeoooo!!!!! eeeeeee!!!! kring krong kring krong! so loud. hahaha
+ v stable too, stays still even during spin and drying. the old machine will kring krong kring krong one lor LOL
+ energy saving
+ space saving (since it's a combo)
+ at the end of a cycle, there's a pleasant jingle so you know the clothes are ready to be removed
+ after drying, clothes come out cool and dry as in can fold and keep. they're not HOT like from most dryers. for the previous machine, the clothes come out steaming hot so we had to leave it out to cool first before folding. but this one is really good.

- if drying is included, could take as long as 6 hrs. a cool down function is incorporated so the clothes come out cool instead of hot. that's why it takes so long.

melody tried it and is v pleased that her bonnet had no creases. she also liked that it was v quiet so she could snooze.