Friday, 31 July 2009

Sore Throat Remedy

One sore throat remedy I find very effective is crushed pearls with chuan1 bei4. Yeah, you go to chinese medicine shops and asked for pearl powder. they will show you different grades of pearls. the smaller the more expensive. then u can ask them to grind with chuan bei into fine powder and pack into satchets which you mix with water and gulp down. take one satchet before bedtime and wake up feeling completely well in the case of mild sore throats and better in the case of severe ones. great for complexion too!

about $20 per packet (one pack is one dose). during ZTP sale, if you buy 15 packets, it's half price =) keeps very long in the fridge.

that day chris had sore throat i force-fed him one dose at night and he woke up ok =)

Thursday, 30 July 2009


i was stunned on Tue when I watched the news. A mother in Saint Antonio killed her 4-week old baby boy, decapitated him and gutted and skinned him. When the police arrived, they found that he had missing parts and the mother claimed to have ingested them!!

GASP...! this is so gruesome and so sad la... poor baby... and the mother... something must be wrong with her la

Read the report here

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tuah Tuah Liap...

-.- our replacement car is a Toyota Rush... it's the tuah tuah liap kind with a tuah tuah liap wheel at the back one...

so big i how to drive...? i don't dare. i only dare to drive small cars such as beetle, minicooper, i-car or two-door cars such as Z4... hehehe...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I bought a Japanese mascara and on the packaging was this:

"Happy infinite romances occur in a newborn oasis. Wink your future!"



Monday, 27 July 2009


after taking LRT and MRT to work TWICE, chris now thinks he is an expert... we went to a mall in the neighbouring town for lunch today (haiz... no car very cham, replacement car will only be ready on Tue earliest) and chris went to see doc first so i met him downstairs...

me: aiyah, missed the bus!
chris: O.O !!! aren't we taking taxi?
me: we can take LRT then MRT or cross road and take bus =)
chris: -.-||| why don't just take taxi??
me: take bus or MRT very fang bian one la!
chris: so heartlander... -.-|||

at the LRT platform...

chris: dear, you must take from the correct platform u know?
me: -.-
chris: wait you take wrong loop go one big round ah!
me: -.-

at the MRT platform...

chris: dear, both sides also can u know?
me: -.-
chris: both sides go same direction u know?
me: yes, ours is shyuten (terminal)...
chris: but how come the trains don't have nice jingle when approaching stop one ha?
me: -.- u mean like this *hum shinkansen (bullet train) jingle*
chris: they also don't tell u door open left or right one... =(
me: -.-

after alighting... chris tried to tap his card at the X gantry...

me: batsu! batsu!! (cross! cross! or wrong! wrong!)
chris: oh... i wanted to teach u that u can't tap on the cross one. if tap there cannot exit!
me: -.-

Sunday, 26 July 2009


haha... Festival of Ann's Birthday is coming soon... i was telling chris...

me: hi dear, my birthday coming soon neh =DDDD
chris: it's only july now -.-
me: hehehe... since it's gonna be a festival, i got idea neh...
chris: er... what pattern you want to chute? -.-|||
me: oh oh, why don't we whole family, by WHOLE family, i mean your dad, mum, patrick, ah ma we go marina barrage to walk walk, take photo then eat charcoal steamboat ^^ cousin L. went there before neh. i saw on his flickr. think he finds the charcoal steamboat not bad.
chris: -.-||| my dad will get lost...
me: oh oh, then then, maybe i bring my mum go sit sit the singapore flyer! =) think she never sit before.
chris: -.-||| aiyer! count me out! you like to do this kind of singaporean thing...
me: =DDDDD my birthday ma =DDDDDDDDD

sit singapore flyer isit must book ticket online one ha? what's nice there to eat? anyone sit before? i bet you all are like me. singaporean but never sit before! AH! HJ sit before!!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dead Pig

sheesh... this morning i woke up and washed up, put laundry into washing machine, changed into my exercise gear, put sunblock, all ready to go out to run and then... -.- where are my running shoes??? GAH!!!!! they're in the car, which is at the workshop!!! for THREE weeks!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!! k, i left it in there cos sometimes i go to chris' office gym (the quite good one... new and clean equipment, steamroom and OSIM i-symphonic massage chairs)....

so... -.- *grumble grumble* kk, i did throw some tantrums, i screamed at the still sleeping chris...

me: AH!!!! you left my shoes in the car!!!!
chris: zzzz.....
me: you actually left my shoes in the car!!!! for THREE weeks!!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
chris: zzzzz.... i... zzz....
me: like that how i go running???????
chris: zzzz...
me: you left my shoes in the car... -.- hng.... i got changed le....
chris: zzzz....

so i slammed shoe cabinet and threw keys on the dining table which recrochet-ed and dropped onto the floor and slid under piano pedals....

*grumble grumble*

then how? go eat breakfast, watch TV and grow fat lor... then went sweep bunny enclosure, scold west and claire for wasting food (they like to drag hay out of the bowl to eat then leave the left-overs there and won't eat le), change pond water, scrub pebbles and filter, wipe tables and TV console, scrub toilet bowls and basins, hang clothes, put in another load of clothes, sort out the third load - handwash/dry clean, SMS chrisclean our laundry guy....


Anger Management

chris thinks i have anger management issues... that night after dinner i was washing up then plonk! the bottle of veggy wash dropped behind the washing machine!!! AAHHH!!!!

so i tried to dig it out with the pole thing used for raising clothes bamboo up to dry. one end is a u-shaped hook, the other end is a hole for hanging it up. i used the hole end. i dig dig dig, fish fish fish cannot. so i AAARRRGGHHHHH!!!! kring krong kring krong like siao char boh like that violently whack the pole in the crevice...

chris: O.O er dear... what are u doing?
chris: *examined the pole* er... dear, can u not be so violent?

me: *want to snatch back the pole* AAARRGGGHHHHH!!!! GIMME!
chris: let me do it.... *fish fish fish*
chris: dear! u r v violent!!! *slowly fish fish fish and it came out* nah! i think u need anger management... -.-|||

[i-phone image]

Friday, 24 July 2009

Hee Lang

in teochew means "deaf"

i don't know what's wrong w men... when dating that time u whisper he also can hear... after getting married, they suddenly become deaf... even if you shout also they can't hear -.-

just now after dinner... i was about 2 metres from chris...

me: dear, come and see west...
chris: *watching TV*
me: DEAR!
chris: *still watching TV*
me: DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
chris: *STILL watching TV*
chris: ha?
me: *smoke come out from ears* I HAD TO CALL YOU FIVE TIMES THEN U WILL ANSWER ME!
chris: sorry didn't hear
chris: er... sorry... my bad *senses i am really mad*
me: *sulk*
chris: sorry la *try to hug me*
me: *wriggle away* don't. touch. me. i want to ignore u too
chris: don't like that la... okok, sorry i ignored u... ok ok i old le, getting deaf =(
me: *plant cushion between us + sulk*
chris: =DDD hehehe sorry la
me: *walk to kitchen take yakult, sit on piano bench to drink*
chris: *come over* sorry la dear...
me: u must apologise FIVE times
chris: okok, i'm sorry i ignored you. i'm sorry i ignored you. i'm sorry i ignored you. i'm sorry i ignored you. i'm sorry i ignored you.
me: *walk away*
chris: -__________-|||

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Denim Diapers

Wa, i saw limited edition huggies denim diapers in cold storage... so cool and so cute la! kor kor, go and take part in contest! here here!

think my nieces will look so rock chick lor! =D


in hokkien means "mountain tortoise" usually used to describe a person doing, seeing, eating, trying something for the first time so is a bit blur blur, unfamiliar...

so yesterday morning chris had to take LRT and MRT to work... it's his first time taking LRT -.-

chris: dear... wo3 hen3 jin3 zhang1 neh... (i'm v nervous)
me: *roll eyeballs*
chris: wo3 de di4 yi1 ci4 (my first time)
me: -.-|||
chris: will i get lost?
me: just make sure you take the correct loop. correct loop is 2 stops, wrong loop all the best go one big round.
chris: ha? which one is correct loop...?
me: *point* the one going TOWARDS the MRT station... n don't dilly dally, too late v crowded no seat then you all the best stand all the way ah
chris: ha...
me: ya, some people will take MRT gostan back to terminal then take down so they get a seat... u got EZlink card?
chris: er... is not swipe credit card ah?
me: -.- NO! it's also not ERP gantry system walk pass with cash card will TEE!
chris: oh, so must dong money buy ticket ah?
me: take my card la...
chris: then u how? i dong $1 la. it's 90c for me only ma. more convenient for u to have the card... take take...
chris: go my destination is which platform?
me: -.- only got ONE platform here! ours is terminal!
chris: oh... orh... i'm scared
me: -.- just pretend you're in japan k? u can one...
chris: >.<

and he made it safely to the office... today he carried his lao pok sling bag with headphones, umbrella all that LOL

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Langah... Again

eh, this time not me hor... it's Chris. and the damage is so bad Friedrich needs to be hospitalised for 3 weeks =(

what happened was it's the other guy's fault. chris was on the main road, the guy was coming out of small road so chris had the right of way and the guy rammed into chris so friedrich's left side (passenger side) was goner... plus got damage public property (some pole on the road divider) so had to make police report.

Chris is fine. so is his boss who was sitting in the passenger seat...

but no car for 3 weeks... insurance company offer either spare car or $50 per day... eh... 3 weeks of $50 a day... chris says can almost buy new apple phone neh...

My Colleague Says The Darnest Things

overheard in the office today...

someone*: *picks up a bottle/cup of tea* elderflower tea. lao3 ren2 jia1 he1 de cha2! (tea for old people)


elderflower tea is not tea for old people. it's also not tea for church elders... -.- it's just the name of the flower...


*this person's identity has been ConCealed LOL

Zoe... Again

wa, did Zoe offend someone in the media or what? so poor thing... kena again and again... first it's her wrinkles, now it's some comments she made about the 7 princesses... the headline read "Candid or Catty?" tsk tsk tsk... personally, i feel that what she said was fair and truthful if you read it whole. of cos if certain phrases are taken out of context, they'd sound bad. i agree with her to a certain extent.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that Zoe said:

Rui En has a chilly attitude, Felicia looks common, Jesseca is bochap (carefree in Hokkien), Dawn has a baby voice.

And then the clincher: Men love Fiona but women hate her.

this is the whole interview. judge for yourself whether what she said is Candid or Catty. I vote candid =)

ZOE was asked by Style magazine which of the Seven Princesses could be her successor if it were her call.

She replied: 'They all have different personas. But acting-wise, I like Jeanette (Aw). She shows maturity in her acting, and has also proven that she learns and adapts better. Perhaps because she majored in drama in university?'

Zoe was then asked to play word association as the reporter listed the remaining princesses.

On Felicia Chin: 'She has a pretty general look but she's also lively and a tad mischievous.'

On Rui En: 'She's quite different from the rest. She has attitude and spunk. She is like the Ice Queen and everyone may not like her. But let's face it, she has left a deep impression in people's minds.'

On Fiona Xie: 'She's plain sexy. She's the kind of girl that women hate and men love.'

On Dawn Yeoh: 'I can really see Dawn maturing both as a person and in her roles. Previously she was just a cute small girl.

'Even her pitch sounded cutesy. But good for her that she is growing up.'

On Jesseca Liu: 'I thought she was a self-centric person from her roles. But after knowing her better, I realise she is a bochap (carefree in Hokkien) girl. She isn't overly ambitious and just wants to do her job well.'

On Joanne Peh: 'She is, on the other hand, clearly more sporty and has that modern vibe in her.'

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2*)

i feel it's not as intriguing as the previous instalments because it's not as action-packed and is at times a bit zzz... slow. daniel radcliffe and emma watson are hot but otherwise rupert grint and his on-screen sister (who smooched daniel) have grown taller and that's it. i don't know why hermione will like ron... she is so smart and he is so -.-??? plus he is ugly... hm... basically the characters have become teenagers therefore smooch a lot on screen -.-

chris and i feel it's getting a bit draggy... quickly kill voldemort already leh... haiz... have to wait til harry potter and the deathly hallows, last episode -.-

heng ah, we didn't buy gold class tickets.

Coco Who?

that day we were at the cinema and i saw a poster of a new movie starring audrey tautou

me: WA! i want to watch this movie! Coco before chanel. woot! it's about coco chanel!
chris: coco what?
me: coco chanel!
chris: who's that?
me: -_________-||| you. bought. the. bag. for. me.
chris: oh? orh... the orh lulu one ah?
me: -_________-|||

Monday, 20 July 2009

Paris Overrated

Hahaha... a survey done by Tripadvisor revealed that tourists found Paris to be the most overrated European city citing it's high prices and unpleasant residents as contributing factors. Apparently, tourism in the city has plunged 17% and the authorities are desperate since tourism creates jobs for people. Read the TNP article here. you got to scroll down, the front part is about japan.

Why am I not surprised at the findings and figures? *evil grin* hehehe... i totally agree that it is overrated. people always say paris how nice how nice how lomantik how lomantik and i see couples kissing near eiffel tower la, near arc of triumph la... cannot kiss elsewhere meh? i think kiss in miyajima while surrounded by crimson maple trees even more lomantik leh hahaha...

so ok, they have eiffel tower... ok, it's a tower you climb up to see the city. and then? climb down lor hahaha
ok they have arc of triumph... but... it's just an ARC. i know it has great historical significance but... then?
ok they have chateau versailles with it's sprawling gardens and fountains (which they didn't turn on when we were there -.-)

but sorry leh, european architecture just doesn't really appeal to me. ya, they are nice la. the magnificence and opulence te blah te blah... i have not seen that many european architecture but from those i have seen, i was impressed but not WAWAWAWAWAAAAAAAAA IMPRESSED you get what i mean?

cos to me, nothing comes close to the forbidden city and great wall of china. u know how big is forbidden city anot? walk one day also cannot walk finish. u know got how many rooms anot? one night stay in one room also cannot finish in one year. the great wall no need to say la ha, it can be seen from outer space. full stop. we tried climbing last time, just one tiny section and we =P peng san man... hahaha...

thing about asian architecture (in particular chinese and japanese) is that apart from the intricate details and sheer awesomeness, what i really appreciate is the brilliant engineering that went into building them. a whole place built without a single nail, now that's a feat. a creaking corridor to ward off intruders (nijo jyo in kyoto), that's hot sia. and then the Chinese can somehow build a mausoleum with natural air con one... that's cool la (pun not intended). i tell you, the last time people are super brilliant...

but that said, i like the lourve very much (minus the crowd... when we were there, we were thinking of US president Obama who was there too and he must have had the privilege to visit The Lourve without the crowd, so nice... how come chris not president? *grumble*)

i still like travelling around to different places just to experience the different cultures, sights and food... just that my favourite will still be JAPAN =) other places is go there to look see look see then ok, been there before le, what's next? japan is like a second home LOL

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Wash Your Hands

here's Mr brown's parody of wondergirls' Nobody... super funny ROFLMAO

here's the original. it's in korean =)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Botox Zoe?

Haiz... recently there has been talk about Zoe's visible wrinkles on TV in TNP and people suggesting that she should go for botox


i won't call myself a zoe fan but hello people, she is a 41-year old mother of two. she is a celebrity, not an immortal. celebrities also age, celebrities also lose collagen, celebrities also have cellulite, celebrities also cannot defy the force of gravity. so what if she has a few wrinkles? how many singaporean 41 year old mother of two look half as good as her?

i bet if she had gone for botox, people will talk behind her back, like they talk behind those actresses whose bosoms suddenly heave heavier or facial features become more refined. people will definitely say, "aiyoh! she botox one la!" and some will say, "very bad role model for the youngsters... promote vanity... inner beauty more important!"

you can't please everyone la. botox, people not happy. don't botox, people also not happy -.- singaporeans are weird i tell you. they always criticise this criticise that. i say just let her age gracefully and watch her ACTING, not her wrinkles.

and when YOU age, you'd be glad if you can age like her.

Friday, 17 July 2009


yesterday during lunch, one of my new colleagues said he Q-ed for 6 hours to get the new i-phone...

ann: oh wow, you should get a macbook to go with it, compliments well ^^
him: oh... but i do gaming leh... macbook cannot
ann: -.- can la, my husband games with his macbook pro
him: can meh? what games your husband play? solitaire ah? *giggles*
ann: -.-|||

i told chris about it and he was so offended... LOL

i totally understand how he feels... it's like someone asking me whether i bought my LV bag from the downstairs pasar malam ROFLMAO haiz, young peoples nowsaday... don't know sky high ground thick... *shake head* tsk tsk tsk

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Good Mood ^^

weeeeeeeeee! =DDD I'm in a good mood now ^^

i got off early, went for facial, shampoo, massage by ah kim (at kenko) then met chris for dinner at Ma Maison Central. i had beef straganov omu rice ^^ yum yum! i love omu rice! =DDD we shared a warm soft brownie with ice cold vanilla ice cream and i finished it off with chamomile tea... in a pretty tea cup ^^


oh, make a reservation before you go. we find the price ok (JCB card got 10% off) but some people (on the internet) find it expensive. chris had the sirloin which he liked. two main dishes and one dessert cost $50+ ok la. go crystal jade all that also around the same what.

40 Going on 50

sometimes i get the feeling that chris underdeclared his age when i married him... although his cleaning aunty calls him little brother (xiao di), he is quite an ah peh LOL

for example, he loves old old cheena pok movies...

his i-pod is filled with such songs... check out maggie chung's hair style... so 70s LOL

chris has the canto version... he likes canto oldies...

can't help but feel generation gap hahaha...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Movie Review: Taken (4*)

This is an action movie that chris suggested watching on Sat night on AppleTV.

me: what's it about?
chris: about an ex-spy whose daughter was kidnapped then he tried to save her
me: OK sounds good...

but chris left out an important detail. well, it's not important to him but it's important to me. the girl was kidnapped not for ransom but for flesh trade =( so he was dealing w a syndicate that kidnaps female tourists to Europe and transports them around Europe as prostitutes.

The guy acted by Liam Neeson is a divorced retired spy. His ex-wife remarried a very rich man who provides everything for her and the daughter she had with Liam Neeson who he loves a lot but hardly gets to see.

His daughter Kim (17) and her friend Amanda (19) went in Paris (Paris!!!!) for holiday and stayed at an apartment. At the airport, they met a handsome French guy who chatted them up and suggested sharing a cab because "Paris taxis are so damned expensive. Want to share?". That, was the biggest mistake. Because the guy was a "spotter" for the syndicate and now he knew where they were staying."Paris taxis are so damned expensive. Want to share?" is the line he always used. Within mins of arrival, they were forcefully dragged from their rooms in broad daylight. Kim happened to be on the phone with her dad so he heard everything (and quickly recorded it), the men talking in Albanian and her being dragged away, ending when the phone was thrown on the floor.

With only this lead, he hunted them down. Through his search, the movie showed how the girls were forced into the flesh trade. They were made to be addicted to drugs then forced into prostitution. So they showed a house with rooms and inside each room was a girl with a needle into her arm... she looked zombified... those that have been addicted were thrown into a container with many beds partitioned by curtains. On the front of each curtain was a number and men weaved in and out of the joint. But there were different "grades"... Amanda was put on drugs and she died of an overdose. Kim, on the other hand, because she was a virgin, was treated as priced "merchandise" and was auctioned off at a high brow underground black tie event to a different type of clientele. She was bought for some rich fat oily fart who bought THREE virgins and was almost going to get "eaten" when her father appeared to rescue her.

Very thrilling, i was on the edge of my couch but i also felt very disturbed after the movie because of the whole theme. If she was kidnapped for ransom, I wouldn't have been so affected. But it all looked so real (I'm sure it is real. Roger has told Grace about such things before because he used to travel to Europe a lot for work). I felt v sad for the girls who were kidnapped and i kept thinking about them when i went to bed so i cried and cried... then i thought about Yuzhu in TLN and the Robert Zhang and i cried and cried too... i felt very depressed after watching the show... If Chris had told me about the flesh trade part, I wouldn't have watched it... =(

So if you don't get affected by such themes, go ahead and watch it, it's a good show.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

NDP Song 2009: What Do You See

I see orh lulu only -.-

Have u guys watched the NDP song MTV for 2009? i think it appeals to teenagers la... those Coldplay kinda fans... the song is not bad but i don't quite like the emo MTV. it's dim dim one. what's with young people nowadays ha? they like dim dim everything one. that day in church we had service and the Youth Ministry led worship the whole hall also dim dim one... funny...

i was waiting for the part when the singapore night scene will light up and then got fireworks pom pom pom but boh leh -.- it's just this guy walking around singing... (i don't even know who he is la until i went to read the comments then realised he is part of some local band and the band wrote the song. k lor, sorry lor. i thought ha? who is this unknown? how come never use some famous local singer like JJ, stephanie, adu, huang yida etc.) ok towards the last part finally it's bright daylight. that's better.

don't know about you but i prefer the older songs, HOME being my favourite. the older songs are better for group singing. this song, like the previous kit chan one This Is Where I'd Rather Be, is more a solo song. and the older songs appeal to people of all ages. even my mum knows "Count On Me Singapore" (which is written by my church friend actually hahaha) except that sometimes she says "Count Money Singapore" LOL

Monday, 13 July 2009

Health Check

Here's a simple daily health check. click on it to enlarge... don't laugh K. Emperor Puyi had someone to specially EXAMINE his da pian everyday to check his health. it's that since u n i aren't royalty, we gotta check it ourselves lor.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Heaty >.<

wa, i feel so heaty >.< yes! you can FEEL heaty one...

some manifestations of "heatiness" are:
- sore throat
- mouth ulcers
- pimples
- urine not clear clear

i have THREE mouth ulcers... so pain >.< for ulcers, i think bonjela is totally useless. i prefer the chinese water melon powder or Oracort E which my doc prescribes. thing about ulcer medication is once you've applied it onto your ulcer, u don't really want to talk or move your mouth too much otherwise the medication will not stay in place... especially if you have one at each place where you need for your labial and alveolar sounds... you can't talk properly... if you have one on your lip, you can't do your b, p, f, v, m sounds well. if one on your tongue, you don't want to move tongue too much so your n, d, t, l, r, th sounds sound funny too... hahaha... after a while, you talk with purely h, k and g consonants LOL

chris: hi dear...
me: ah... i heew ho heaky... gok kwee aw-her... (ah... i feel so heaty... got three ulcers)
chris: er dear, i don't understand what you are saying... -.-|||
me: i haig, i hair kwee aw-her!!! (i said, i have three aw-her!!!)
chris: er... -.-???
me: ho hainhul!!! (so painful!!!) =(

k, but i rather have ulcers then pimples, ulcers pain only ma... at least won't ugly LOL

5 Star Snack

how fresh can fruit get?
when you pluck it from the tree of cos!

chris' aunt has a starfruit tree so we get supplies of starfruit when it's in harvest =) she will wrap them in plastic bags then my mum-in-law will go there and pluck pluck pluck and bring home bags of starfruit and they're so fresh, crunchy and juicy =) some of them are tiny which is great for us cos chris doesn't really like starfruit so i can eat one all by myself =) ah, starfruit combats heatiness so it's good =)

i cut them up (i like to cut into stars instead of strips cos it's prettier ^^) and put them in a tupperware so when i feel like having a snack, instead of reaching for that bag of chips, bar of choc or piece of cookie, can just eat a few slices of chilled juicy starfruit ^^

yum yum =D

i think she has jackfruit and guava trees too... i am waiting for the day she grows mango tree =)

last time my church friend had a mango tree which never beared fruit so he got so pek cek he went to scold the tree

friend: oei! if you still don't bear fruit ha! i chop you down ah!

then hor, the next year, really got mangoes neh! LOL

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Aaawwww.... So Cute!!!

some nice studio shots i found on the internet ^^ so cute so cute!!! shooting animals is really difficult (i know because i try to paparazzi my pets all the time -.-)

the challenge is always: how do you get them to stay still?

cos sometimes they'd move and it becomes like this, the kitteh is a bit not sharp...

this one is quite ultimate... how do you ask the kitteh to "er, excuse me, can put your paw on the bunneh? give him a pat on the back... ah ah like that... ya ya correct... stay there ha... ah both look here, ya!" i guess it's just a lot of waiting then they suddenly do something cute =)

how do you tell the bunny on the left to raise left ear, bunny on the right to raise right ear ha? teach me leh...

props helps sometimes i guess

bunneh: er oei, gib me the cawwot.
puppeh: my mummy says cannot talk to strangers neh...

awww... you'd know when you click at the right moment =)

kitteh: eh... you trying to impersonate me isit?
bunneh: *act blur live longer*

outdoor shoot

kitty: eh... lie low, blend in then no one will find us
bunny: kk, i try hide behind this blade of grass... i love playing hide n seek ^^

chris will love this one at the bottom cos west n claire looked exactly like this when we first had them except they were black... aaawwwwww..... so cute so cute!!!


ok, a couple of people made enquiries about this so i have invited guest blogger chris aka my husband to explain explain...

me: hi dear, so is sling player FREE?
chris: the slingplayer for pc and laptops is free. the slingbox is not. slingplayer for mobile phones is not
me: oh... what is slingbox???
chris: the slingbox is a device that can stream any video input to the internet. it allows you to watch your home tv, dvd, hdmi, appletv inputs from anywhere on the internet
me: ooo... so whatever channels on your TV, you can watch la. like channel 55 all that...?
chris: yes, provided your cable reciever is connected directly to the slingbox
me: so works by internet la? or wifi? eh... what's the diff?
chris: internet is the global network. wifi is your home network...
me: so when i watch on i-phone is it pay per min kind... like they charge for internet usage?
chris: that depends on what agreement you have with your telco. starhub is flat rate. singtel sucks.
me: er dear, no slamming pls... -.- so, how much is slingbox and go where to buy?
chris: about 170 usd. go to to order online.
me: oh... from america one ah? 170 USD is incl delivery?
chris: dont think so but the delivery charge is not so expensive
me: some people may find it expensive. that time you said 150... i though SDG -.- thank you for your time. any other comments or feedback about the sling player/slingbox?
chris: you need a reasonably fast internet connection to enjoy it fully. forget it if you're kiam kanna
me: er dear!!! so un-PC... GAH... er ok, thanks for your time, bye -.-

Friday, 10 July 2009

Fail Chinese =(

chris: dear dear dear! singapore got ibis hotel neh!!!!
me: -.- (not interested)
chris: since can't travel, we go stay in ibis hotel la ^^
me: >.<
chris: tell u what la... since your chinese is so bad, you promise to improve your chinese... if your chinese improves, i let u choose whichever hotel n spa. if your chinese is still so cmi, we go ibis ^^
me: i don't want! my chinese is v bad meh?
chris: *roll eyeballs* ya! you wrote so many wrong words!!!
me: -.- homophonic can le ma... you understand what i'm trying to say can le wat -.-
chris: i must show my mother what you wrote. she will faint...
me: *sulk*

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Youtube Recommendation

i really like this vietnamese girl's video tutorials. she is really good =)

skin care

i tried the egg mask and the skin indeed felt v clean =)

make-up (easy)

make-up (moderate)

make-up (difficult)

make-up tips

i tried this and it worked! although i didn't get back half a tube like she said, i did get back some =)

other tips

just type "michelle phan" in youtube, she has loads of tutorials. i learnt how to put false eyelashes from her LOL

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fei3 Mui1 (Fat Girl)

this post has been removed at claire's father's request. He feels it's detrimental to claire's emotional wellbeing...



haha, this pitbull is so gentle... he is cleaning the bunny then the bunny keeps wiping away the dog saliva but he keeps licking the bunny hahaha

then after that the pitbull goes to sleep... you can actually hear the pitbull snoring... and the bunny is so cool and calm hahaha

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Speechless 3: Yi2 Pi3 Zhi1 Dao4 Huan2 Shi1 Pi3 Shen1

if u r wondering, this has got nothing to do with fart k... -.-

in Jing1 Yong1's Tian1 Long2 Ba1 Bu4 (Heavenly Dragon 8 Steps LOL), the Murong family's special power is called "Yi2 Pi3 Zhi1 Dao4 Huan2 Shi1 Pi3 Shen1" which roughly means they attack their opponents using the exact stroke they were attacked with.

sometimes when chris says something that makes me speechless, i wait for an opportunity to do it back to him... hehehe...

me: dear ah, i am meeting jiahui for lunch on thursday ha
chris: you... you love her more than you love me!
me: -.-
chris: you love her more right?
me: -.- she is my BFF -.- i da pao santouka ramen for you for dinner ha
chris: *sulk* i don't want! HNG! i don't want to eat things you buy together with her *sulk*
me: -________-||| then i ta pao chicken rice from downstairs for u. i eat ramen...
chris: *sulk* HNG! you go out with her then your husband go hungry =(((((((( then u chin chai ta pao not nice food give me =(((((((
me: -________-|||

on another day,

chris: hi dear, i am meeting W for dinner. you must eat proper meal ha!
me: (i decided to use the Murong family tactic) i thought that day u just met him during his stag night? why meet again? you are very loving hor?
chris: -.-
me: you love him more than you love me right?
chris: -.-

kekeke, now he knows what it feels like (^^)V

Speechless 2

sometimes the things chris says just make me speechless... i really don't know how to respond...

chris: dear, the cleaning aunty in my office called me xiao3 di4 (little brother). i am v kiddo meh?
me: that's good what. means you look young...
chris: ... do u think she is hitting on me?
me: O.O|||

Speechless 1

i don't understand what's the fascination with computer games...

me: er dear, you everyday play commander of heroes not sian meh?
chris: no, every time play is kill different people ^^
me: O.O??? er... play alone not sian meh?
chris: wu2 di2 shi4 ji4 mo4 de ^^ (it's lonely to be invincible)

Monday, 6 July 2009


last year when my mother-in-law found out i was only ONE year younger than chris, she kinda freaked out LOL she had thought i was at least 5 years younger than him (from the way we looked)...

so last night over dinner at in laws'...

dad: your mother desperate already you know?
chris n i: O.O???
dad: today in church she saw a one month old baby... she asked me to go and touch it... she said then you will have a baby soon
chris n i: >.<|||

then after dinner...

mum: hen3 kuai4 jiu4 yao4 guo2 qing4 ri4 le hor! (v fast going to be national day le hor!)
me: ya lor =)
mum: ran2 hou4 jiu4 shi4 ni3 de sheng1 ri4 le (then it will be your birthday le)
me: haha... patrick (chris bro) first then lin (ah ma's maid)...
mum: ran2 hou4 ah ma... hen3 kuai4 hor? you4 da4 yi1 sui4 le =D
me: hehehe... ya lor... hehehe

that day fathers' day dinner, chris' mum bought a chocolate cake (this was before the durian buffet)...

ah ma: ah boy meh meh jiak cake! jiak leu chor father! meh meh! ah ma dang jeng gu leu! (ah boy quickly eat cake! eat already can become father! quick quick! ah ma wait v long already!)
chris: *act blur refuse to eat*

it was a delicious chocolate cake but chris just refused to touch it until i forced it down his throat cos v rude to refuse ah ma what LOL

haiz... our cousin L also not yet married... how to have kids? the pact is we will only have a kid when L is married and he will only get married when we have a kid LOLLLLLLL


GAH!!! I kena warden duty!!!! AAAHHH!!!! got to wear N95 mask!!!! you know how freaking hot the N95 mask is???? and wear long le will have a mark on the face one, look like doraemon -.-

it's all chris fault... cos that time he laughed at my colleagues...

chris: hehehe dear, how come got so many storm troopers?
me: -.-

see la, now kena me le la!

Sunday, 5 July 2009


yesterday i heard stupid Q&A on TV...

Q: why is superman's outfit so tight?
A: because S size ma...


Giam Gah Nah

chris thinks i am very giam gah nah when it comes to certain things...

that day i forgot my ez link card so i had to pay cash on my way home on the bus. i told the uncle my stop and he said $1.50... so i complained to chris...

me: wa biang dear! today i forgot my ez link card and had to pay cash on the bus uncle charged me $1.50!!!! use ez link card is 91 cents only neh!!!! cheat me!
chris: -.- er dear, for someone who carries a chanel bag... erm...
me: 60 cents neh!
chris: dear, u r v giam gah nah...
me: i'm not giam gah nah k, it's called frugal, prudent...
chris: -.- er... erm... how come u don't exhibit this characteristic in takashimaya, japan or paris?? -.-|||
me: *grumble grumble*

then sat chris needed to go tampines mall to settle something about his phone...

chris: i am going to tampines mall. it's super crowded so i don't want to drive there, i'll just take a cab.
me: actually hor, you can take bus X to pasir ris then take train to tampines, quite convenient =)
chris: *jaw drop* take bus? pls dear, i'll just take taxi! *roll eyeballs* giam gah nah...

then we went to central (clarke quay) and i was scared of the spiral carpark + plus carpark was full so we tried the valet parking.

me: *wind down window* how much?

valet guy didn't hear just waved me to the side...

chris: er dear, just use it, car park is full anyway...
me: but must ask how much ma!
chris: *roll eyeballs* but carpark is FULL!!!

it cost $7.

me: ooo... quite fang bian hor? but $7...
chris: -.-||| if u park yourself it's gonna cost $3-4 anyway...
me: er, that's like DOUBLE!!!
chris: *roll eyeballs* giam gah nah! dear, pls don't become those people who slow down to avoid paying 50c more for ERP or park far far away and walk to save $1 parking fee -.- not worth the time. time is money.

k lor, i am giam gah nah lor.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sling Player

wow, chris installed sling player on my phone so now i can watch TV on the go neh! cool ^^ it works like the one on my lap top except it's on my phone =) here's what it looks like on my lap top...

[i-phone image]

next time got those academy awards i can watch lo! my office TV is really cmi, the reception is so bad that no one bothers to watch... maybe they purposely one. buy le put there w bad reception don't let us watch *grumble grumble*

Friday, 3 July 2009

AAAAHHHH!!!! walk-in fridge

hahaha... that day when my mum saw my extended wardrobe she said (in teochew)...

mum: giah see nang ah!!! ler gai sah du see giu giu tiu gai sah du! heineken guang gao gai! (ah yo! your wardrobe is the AAAAHHHH! wardrobe, like the heineken ad one)

hahaha... it seems that's the way to describe walk-in wardrobe these days. check out this ad... hilarious! my kor should so get one of these. i'm sure his friends will AAAAHHHHH!!!! LOL

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sizzling Hot! pppsssss....!

Talking about hot, the following contestant in Ninja Warrior then deserve to be called HOT HOT HOT SIZZLING HOT!!! PPPSSSSS!!!!!! shunsuke nagasaki, a trampolinist, the hottest and coolest ninja warrior contestant. you have to watch this. i personally don't know ANY man who (i think) can do what he did. especially in stage 3 which is a great test of arm strength. wa, just now i was squirming, screaming, shouting in the living room chris was like O.O???!!! DEAR! so agitated!!! LOL he cleared stage 3 but next week they will show him short of a few seconds for the final stage =( sadz

oh, and he is SUPER cute de lor *slurp*

Japanese Curry

Yesterday I cooked Japanese curry and brought it to work for lunch (yes, i wake up in the morning to cook curry LOL) and my colleagues were wondering what curry paste i use. i usually use the ones from normal supermarkets (i like the vermont ones with apple) if i'm cooking for two because it comes in a box of 2 portions. then i keep the remaining portion for another time.


but i found this in meidiya (liang court) which comes in a box of 10 servings =) it's so fang bian, if you want to cook for one, you just break off one piece to cook. they even have a table to tell you how much water to add. if u can read chinese, u can understand la (can ignore the japanese words, they just mean carrot, potato and onion haha... so add as much as u like lor. what's more important is the water) i like to eat japanese curry so yesterday i added 2 pieces n i usually add a bit less water than suggested and top up if necessary cos your ingredients will produce liquid too so if you follow the measurement, you may end up with curry that's too runny.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hot Anot?

hahaha... yesterday during lunch, JT was seated between Miss Lee and me eating her udon soup which was v hot so she was raining sweat...

YH: wa, you're sweating so much...
JT: *fan herself w tissue* ya =P the udon v hot!
me: not me meh? i'm hot! =D
everyone: =)
Miss Lee: why not me? ^^
everyone: =)
HY: why not ME??? =DDDDDDDD
everyone: *silence + i look at u u look at me followed by unanimous hysterical laughter*


k la k la, i say cheer for u la...

HY hot anot?
HY hot anot?
HY hot anot?
*poke you* ppppsssssss......