Sunday, 12 July 2009

5 Star Snack

how fresh can fruit get?
when you pluck it from the tree of cos!

chris' aunt has a starfruit tree so we get supplies of starfruit when it's in harvest =) she will wrap them in plastic bags then my mum-in-law will go there and pluck pluck pluck and bring home bags of starfruit and they're so fresh, crunchy and juicy =) some of them are tiny which is great for us cos chris doesn't really like starfruit so i can eat one all by myself =) ah, starfruit combats heatiness so it's good =)

i cut them up (i like to cut into stars instead of strips cos it's prettier ^^) and put them in a tupperware so when i feel like having a snack, instead of reaching for that bag of chips, bar of choc or piece of cookie, can just eat a few slices of chilled juicy starfruit ^^

yum yum =D

i think she has jackfruit and guava trees too... i am waiting for the day she grows mango tree =)

last time my church friend had a mango tree which never beared fruit so he got so pek cek he went to scold the tree

friend: oei! if you still don't bear fruit ha! i chop you down ah!

then hor, the next year, really got mangoes neh! LOL