Saturday, 11 July 2009

Aaawwww.... So Cute!!!

some nice studio shots i found on the internet ^^ so cute so cute!!! shooting animals is really difficult (i know because i try to paparazzi my pets all the time -.-)

the challenge is always: how do you get them to stay still?

cos sometimes they'd move and it becomes like this, the kitteh is a bit not sharp...

this one is quite ultimate... how do you ask the kitteh to "er, excuse me, can put your paw on the bunneh? give him a pat on the back... ah ah like that... ya ya correct... stay there ha... ah both look here, ya!" i guess it's just a lot of waiting then they suddenly do something cute =)

how do you tell the bunny on the left to raise left ear, bunny on the right to raise right ear ha? teach me leh...

props helps sometimes i guess

bunneh: er oei, gib me the cawwot.
puppeh: my mummy says cannot talk to strangers neh...

awww... you'd know when you click at the right moment =)

kitteh: eh... you trying to impersonate me isit?
bunneh: *act blur live longer*

outdoor shoot

kitty: eh... lie low, blend in then no one will find us
bunny: kk, i try hide behind this blade of grass... i love playing hide n seek ^^

chris will love this one at the bottom cos west n claire looked exactly like this when we first had them except they were black... aaawwwwww..... so cute so cute!!!

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