Monday, 6 July 2009


last year when my mother-in-law found out i was only ONE year younger than chris, she kinda freaked out LOL she had thought i was at least 5 years younger than him (from the way we looked)...

so last night over dinner at in laws'...

dad: your mother desperate already you know?
chris n i: O.O???
dad: today in church she saw a one month old baby... she asked me to go and touch it... she said then you will have a baby soon
chris n i: >.<|||

then after dinner...

mum: hen3 kuai4 jiu4 yao4 guo2 qing4 ri4 le hor! (v fast going to be national day le hor!)
me: ya lor =)
mum: ran2 hou4 jiu4 shi4 ni3 de sheng1 ri4 le (then it will be your birthday le)
me: haha... patrick (chris bro) first then lin (ah ma's maid)...
mum: ran2 hou4 ah ma... hen3 kuai4 hor? you4 da4 yi1 sui4 le =D
me: hehehe... ya lor... hehehe

that day fathers' day dinner, chris' mum bought a chocolate cake (this was before the durian buffet)...

ah ma: ah boy meh meh jiak cake! jiak leu chor father! meh meh! ah ma dang jeng gu leu! (ah boy quickly eat cake! eat already can become father! quick quick! ah ma wait v long already!)
chris: *act blur refuse to eat*

it was a delicious chocolate cake but chris just refused to touch it until i forced it down his throat cos v rude to refuse ah ma what LOL

haiz... our cousin L also not yet married... how to have kids? the pact is we will only have a kid when L is married and he will only get married when we have a kid LOLLLLLLL