Saturday, 18 July 2009

Botox Zoe?

Haiz... recently there has been talk about Zoe's visible wrinkles on TV in TNP and people suggesting that she should go for botox


i won't call myself a zoe fan but hello people, she is a 41-year old mother of two. she is a celebrity, not an immortal. celebrities also age, celebrities also lose collagen, celebrities also have cellulite, celebrities also cannot defy the force of gravity. so what if she has a few wrinkles? how many singaporean 41 year old mother of two look half as good as her?

i bet if she had gone for botox, people will talk behind her back, like they talk behind those actresses whose bosoms suddenly heave heavier or facial features become more refined. people will definitely say, "aiyoh! she botox one la!" and some will say, "very bad role model for the youngsters... promote vanity... inner beauty more important!"

you can't please everyone la. botox, people not happy. don't botox, people also not happy -.- singaporeans are weird i tell you. they always criticise this criticise that. i say just let her age gracefully and watch her ACTING, not her wrinkles.

and when YOU age, you'd be glad if you can age like her.