Monday, 27 July 2009


after taking LRT and MRT to work TWICE, chris now thinks he is an expert... we went to a mall in the neighbouring town for lunch today (haiz... no car very cham, replacement car will only be ready on Tue earliest) and chris went to see doc first so i met him downstairs...

me: aiyah, missed the bus!
chris: O.O !!! aren't we taking taxi?
me: we can take LRT then MRT or cross road and take bus =)
chris: -.-||| why don't just take taxi??
me: take bus or MRT very fang bian one la!
chris: so heartlander... -.-|||

at the LRT platform...

chris: dear, you must take from the correct platform u know?
me: -.-
chris: wait you take wrong loop go one big round ah!
me: -.-

at the MRT platform...

chris: dear, both sides also can u know?
me: -.-
chris: both sides go same direction u know?
me: yes, ours is shyuten (terminal)...
chris: but how come the trains don't have nice jingle when approaching stop one ha?
me: -.- u mean like this *hum shinkansen (bullet train) jingle*
chris: they also don't tell u door open left or right one... =(
me: -.-

after alighting... chris tried to tap his card at the X gantry...

me: batsu! batsu!! (cross! cross! or wrong! wrong!)
chris: oh... i wanted to teach u that u can't tap on the cross one. if tap there cannot exit!
me: -.-