Friday, 10 July 2009

Fail Chinese =(

chris: dear dear dear! singapore got ibis hotel neh!!!!
me: -.- (not interested)
chris: since can't travel, we go stay in ibis hotel la ^^
me: >.<
chris: tell u what la... since your chinese is so bad, you promise to improve your chinese... if your chinese improves, i let u choose whichever hotel n spa. if your chinese is still so cmi, we go ibis ^^
me: i don't want! my chinese is v bad meh?
chris: *roll eyeballs* ya! you wrote so many wrong words!!!
me: -.- homophonic can le ma... you understand what i'm trying to say can le wat -.-
chris: i must show my mother what you wrote. she will faint...
me: *sulk*