Sunday, 12 July 2009

Heaty >.<

wa, i feel so heaty >.< yes! you can FEEL heaty one...

some manifestations of "heatiness" are:
- sore throat
- mouth ulcers
- pimples
- urine not clear clear

i have THREE mouth ulcers... so pain >.< for ulcers, i think bonjela is totally useless. i prefer the chinese water melon powder or Oracort E which my doc prescribes. thing about ulcer medication is once you've applied it onto your ulcer, u don't really want to talk or move your mouth too much otherwise the medication will not stay in place... especially if you have one at each place where you need for your labial and alveolar sounds... you can't talk properly... if you have one on your lip, you can't do your b, p, f, v, m sounds well. if one on your tongue, you don't want to move tongue too much so your n, d, t, l, r, th sounds sound funny too... hahaha... after a while, you talk with purely h, k and g consonants LOL

chris: hi dear...
me: ah... i heew ho heaky... gok kwee aw-her... (ah... i feel so heaty... got three ulcers)
chris: er dear, i don't understand what you are saying... -.-|||
me: i haig, i hair kwee aw-her!!! (i said, i have three aw-her!!!)
chris: er... -.-???
me: ho hainhul!!! (so painful!!!) =(

k, but i rather have ulcers then pimples, ulcers pain only ma... at least won't ugly LOL

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