Thursday, 2 July 2009

Japanese Curry

Yesterday I cooked Japanese curry and brought it to work for lunch (yes, i wake up in the morning to cook curry LOL) and my colleagues were wondering what curry paste i use. i usually use the ones from normal supermarkets (i like the vermont ones with apple) if i'm cooking for two because it comes in a box of 2 portions. then i keep the remaining portion for another time.


but i found this in meidiya (liang court) which comes in a box of 10 servings =) it's so fang bian, if you want to cook for one, you just break off one piece to cook. they even have a table to tell you how much water to add. if u can read chinese, u can understand la (can ignore the japanese words, they just mean carrot, potato and onion haha... so add as much as u like lor. what's more important is the water) i like to eat japanese curry so yesterday i added 2 pieces n i usually add a bit less water than suggested and top up if necessary cos your ingredients will produce liquid too so if you follow the measurement, you may end up with curry that's too runny.