Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Movie Review: Taken (4*)

This is an action movie that chris suggested watching on Sat night on AppleTV.

me: what's it about?
chris: about an ex-spy whose daughter was kidnapped then he tried to save her
me: OK sounds good...

but chris left out an important detail. well, it's not important to him but it's important to me. the girl was kidnapped not for ransom but for flesh trade =( so he was dealing w a syndicate that kidnaps female tourists to Europe and transports them around Europe as prostitutes.

The guy acted by Liam Neeson is a divorced retired spy. His ex-wife remarried a very rich man who provides everything for her and the daughter she had with Liam Neeson who he loves a lot but hardly gets to see.

His daughter Kim (17) and her friend Amanda (19) went in Paris (Paris!!!!) for holiday and stayed at an apartment. At the airport, they met a handsome French guy who chatted them up and suggested sharing a cab because "Paris taxis are so damned expensive. Want to share?". That, was the biggest mistake. Because the guy was a "spotter" for the syndicate and now he knew where they were staying."Paris taxis are so damned expensive. Want to share?" is the line he always used. Within mins of arrival, they were forcefully dragged from their rooms in broad daylight. Kim happened to be on the phone with her dad so he heard everything (and quickly recorded it), the men talking in Albanian and her being dragged away, ending when the phone was thrown on the floor.

With only this lead, he hunted them down. Through his search, the movie showed how the girls were forced into the flesh trade. They were made to be addicted to drugs then forced into prostitution. So they showed a house with rooms and inside each room was a girl with a needle into her arm... she looked zombified... those that have been addicted were thrown into a container with many beds partitioned by curtains. On the front of each curtain was a number and men weaved in and out of the joint. But there were different "grades"... Amanda was put on drugs and she died of an overdose. Kim, on the other hand, because she was a virgin, was treated as priced "merchandise" and was auctioned off at a high brow underground black tie event to a different type of clientele. She was bought for some rich fat oily fart who bought THREE virgins and was almost going to get "eaten" when her father appeared to rescue her.

Very thrilling, i was on the edge of my couch but i also felt very disturbed after the movie because of the whole theme. If she was kidnapped for ransom, I wouldn't have been so affected. But it all looked so real (I'm sure it is real. Roger has told Grace about such things before because he used to travel to Europe a lot for work). I felt v sad for the girls who were kidnapped and i kept thinking about them when i went to bed so i cried and cried... then i thought about Yuzhu in TLN and the Robert Zhang and i cried and cried too... i felt very depressed after watching the show... If Chris had told me about the flesh trade part, I wouldn't have watched it... =(

So if you don't get affected by such themes, go ahead and watch it, it's a good show.