Tuesday, 14 July 2009

NDP Song 2009: What Do You See

I see orh lulu only -.-

Have u guys watched the NDP song MTV for 2009? i think it appeals to teenagers la... those Coldplay kinda fans... the song is not bad but i don't quite like the emo MTV. it's dim dim one. what's with young people nowadays ha? they like dim dim everything one. that day in church we had service and the Youth Ministry led worship the whole hall also dim dim one... funny...

i was waiting for the part when the singapore night scene will light up and then got fireworks pom pom pom but boh leh -.- it's just this guy walking around singing... (i don't even know who he is la until i went to read the comments then realised he is part of some local band and the band wrote the song. k lor, sorry lor. i thought ha? who is this unknown? how come never use some famous local singer like JJ, stephanie, adu, huang yida etc.) ok towards the last part finally it's bright daylight. that's better.

don't know about you but i prefer the older songs, HOME being my favourite. the older songs are better for group singing. this song, like the previous kit chan one This Is Where I'd Rather Be, is more a solo song. and the older songs appeal to people of all ages. even my mum knows "Count On Me Singapore" (which is written by my church friend actually hahaha) except that sometimes she says "Count Money Singapore" LOL