Monday, 20 July 2009

Paris Overrated

Hahaha... a survey done by Tripadvisor revealed that tourists found Paris to be the most overrated European city citing it's high prices and unpleasant residents as contributing factors. Apparently, tourism in the city has plunged 17% and the authorities are desperate since tourism creates jobs for people. Read the TNP article here. you got to scroll down, the front part is about japan.

Why am I not surprised at the findings and figures? *evil grin* hehehe... i totally agree that it is overrated. people always say paris how nice how nice how lomantik how lomantik and i see couples kissing near eiffel tower la, near arc of triumph la... cannot kiss elsewhere meh? i think kiss in miyajima while surrounded by crimson maple trees even more lomantik leh hahaha...

so ok, they have eiffel tower... ok, it's a tower you climb up to see the city. and then? climb down lor hahaha
ok they have arc of triumph... but... it's just an ARC. i know it has great historical significance but... then?
ok they have chateau versailles with it's sprawling gardens and fountains (which they didn't turn on when we were there -.-)

but sorry leh, european architecture just doesn't really appeal to me. ya, they are nice la. the magnificence and opulence te blah te blah... i have not seen that many european architecture but from those i have seen, i was impressed but not WAWAWAWAWAAAAAAAAA IMPRESSED you get what i mean?

cos to me, nothing comes close to the forbidden city and great wall of china. u know how big is forbidden city anot? walk one day also cannot walk finish. u know got how many rooms anot? one night stay in one room also cannot finish in one year. the great wall no need to say la ha, it can be seen from outer space. full stop. we tried climbing last time, just one tiny section and we =P peng san man... hahaha...

thing about asian architecture (in particular chinese and japanese) is that apart from the intricate details and sheer awesomeness, what i really appreciate is the brilliant engineering that went into building them. a whole place built without a single nail, now that's a feat. a creaking corridor to ward off intruders (nijo jyo in kyoto), that's hot sia. and then the Chinese can somehow build a mausoleum with natural air con one... that's cool la (pun not intended). i tell you, the last time people are super brilliant...

but that said, i like the lourve very much (minus the crowd... when we were there, we were thinking of US president Obama who was there too and he must have had the privilege to visit The Lourve without the crowd, so nice... how come chris not president? *grumble*)

i still like travelling around to different places just to experience the different cultures, sights and food... just that my favourite will still be JAPAN =) other places is go there to look see look see then ok, been there before le, what's next? japan is like a second home LOL