Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sizzling Hot! pppsssss....!

Talking about hot, the following contestant in Ninja Warrior then deserve to be called HOT HOT HOT SIZZLING HOT!!! PPPSSSSS!!!!!! shunsuke nagasaki, a trampolinist, the hottest and coolest ninja warrior contestant. you have to watch this. i personally don't know ANY man who (i think) can do what he did. especially in stage 3 which is a great test of arm strength. wa, just now i was squirming, screaming, shouting in the living room chris was like O.O???!!! DEAR! so agitated!!! LOL he cleared stage 3 but next week they will show him short of a few seconds for the final stage =( sadz

oh, and he is SUPER cute de lor *slurp*