Saturday, 11 July 2009


ok, a couple of people made enquiries about this so i have invited guest blogger chris aka my husband to explain explain...

me: hi dear, so is sling player FREE?
chris: the slingplayer for pc and laptops is free. the slingbox is not. slingplayer for mobile phones is not
me: oh... what is slingbox???
chris: the slingbox is a device that can stream any video input to the internet. it allows you to watch your home tv, dvd, hdmi, appletv inputs from anywhere on the internet
me: ooo... so whatever channels on your TV, you can watch la. like channel 55 all that...?
chris: yes, provided your cable reciever is connected directly to the slingbox
me: so works by internet la? or wifi? eh... what's the diff?
chris: internet is the global network. wifi is your home network...
me: so when i watch on i-phone is it pay per min kind... like they charge for internet usage?
chris: that depends on what agreement you have with your telco. starhub is flat rate. singtel sucks.
me: er dear, no slamming pls... -.- so, how much is slingbox and go where to buy?
chris: about 170 usd. go to to order online.
me: oh... from america one ah? 170 USD is incl delivery?
chris: dont think so but the delivery charge is not so expensive
me: some people may find it expensive. that time you said 150... i though SDG -.- thank you for your time. any other comments or feedback about the sling player/slingbox?
chris: you need a reasonably fast internet connection to enjoy it fully. forget it if you're kiam kanna
me: er dear!!! so un-PC... GAH... er ok, thanks for your time, bye -.-