Friday, 31 July 2009

Sore Throat Remedy

One sore throat remedy I find very effective is crushed pearls with chuan1 bei4. Yeah, you go to chinese medicine shops and asked for pearl powder. they will show you different grades of pearls. the smaller the more expensive. then u can ask them to grind with chuan bei into fine powder and pack into satchets which you mix with water and gulp down. take one satchet before bedtime and wake up feeling completely well in the case of mild sore throats and better in the case of severe ones. great for complexion too!

about $20 per packet (one pack is one dose). during ZTP sale, if you buy 15 packets, it's half price =) keeps very long in the fridge.

that day chris had sore throat i force-fed him one dose at night and he woke up ok =)