Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Speechless 3: Yi2 Pi3 Zhi1 Dao4 Huan2 Shi1 Pi3 Shen1

if u r wondering, this has got nothing to do with fart k... -.-

in Jing1 Yong1's Tian1 Long2 Ba1 Bu4 (Heavenly Dragon 8 Steps LOL), the Murong family's special power is called "Yi2 Pi3 Zhi1 Dao4 Huan2 Shi1 Pi3 Shen1" which roughly means they attack their opponents using the exact stroke they were attacked with.

sometimes when chris says something that makes me speechless, i wait for an opportunity to do it back to him... hehehe...

me: dear ah, i am meeting jiahui for lunch on thursday ha
chris: you... you love her more than you love me!
me: -.-
chris: you love her more right?
me: -.- she is my BFF -.- i da pao santouka ramen for you for dinner ha
chris: *sulk* i don't want! HNG! i don't want to eat things you buy together with her *sulk*
me: -________-||| then i ta pao chicken rice from downstairs for u. i eat ramen...
chris: *sulk* HNG! you go out with her then your husband go hungry =(((((((( then u chin chai ta pao not nice food give me =(((((((
me: -________-|||

on another day,

chris: hi dear, i am meeting W for dinner. you must eat proper meal ha!
me: (i decided to use the Murong family tactic) i thought that day u just met him during his stag night? why meet again? you are very loving hor?
chris: -.-
me: you love him more than you love me right?
chris: -.-

kekeke, now he knows what it feels like (^^)V