Thursday, 23 July 2009


in hokkien means "mountain tortoise" usually used to describe a person doing, seeing, eating, trying something for the first time so is a bit blur blur, unfamiliar...

so yesterday morning chris had to take LRT and MRT to work... it's his first time taking LRT -.-

chris: dear... wo3 hen3 jin3 zhang1 neh... (i'm v nervous)
me: *roll eyeballs*
chris: wo3 de di4 yi1 ci4 (my first time)
me: -.-|||
chris: will i get lost?
me: just make sure you take the correct loop. correct loop is 2 stops, wrong loop all the best go one big round.
chris: ha? which one is correct loop...?
me: *point* the one going TOWARDS the MRT station... n don't dilly dally, too late v crowded no seat then you all the best stand all the way ah
chris: ha...
me: ya, some people will take MRT gostan back to terminal then take down so they get a seat... u got EZlink card?
chris: er... is not swipe credit card ah?
me: -.- NO! it's also not ERP gantry system walk pass with cash card will TEE!
chris: oh, so must dong money buy ticket ah?
me: take my card la...
chris: then u how? i dong $1 la. it's 90c for me only ma. more convenient for u to have the card... take take...
chris: go my destination is which platform?
me: -.- only got ONE platform here! ours is terminal!
chris: oh... orh... i'm scared
me: -.- just pretend you're in japan k? u can one...
chris: >.<

and he made it safely to the office... today he carried his lao pok sling bag with headphones, umbrella all that LOL