Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Zoe... Again

wa, did Zoe offend someone in the media or what? so poor thing... kena again and again... first it's her wrinkles, now it's some comments she made about the 7 princesses... the headline read "Candid or Catty?" tsk tsk tsk... personally, i feel that what she said was fair and truthful if you read it whole. of cos if certain phrases are taken out of context, they'd sound bad. i agree with her to a certain extent.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that Zoe said:

Rui En has a chilly attitude, Felicia looks common, Jesseca is bochap (carefree in Hokkien), Dawn has a baby voice.

And then the clincher: Men love Fiona but women hate her.

this is the whole interview. judge for yourself whether what she said is Candid or Catty. I vote candid =)

ZOE was asked by Style magazine which of the Seven Princesses could be her successor if it were her call.

She replied: 'They all have different personas. But acting-wise, I like Jeanette (Aw). She shows maturity in her acting, and has also proven that she learns and adapts better. Perhaps because she majored in drama in university?'

Zoe was then asked to play word association as the reporter listed the remaining princesses.

On Felicia Chin: 'She has a pretty general look but she's also lively and a tad mischievous.'

On Rui En: 'She's quite different from the rest. She has attitude and spunk. She is like the Ice Queen and everyone may not like her. But let's face it, she has left a deep impression in people's minds.'

On Fiona Xie: 'She's plain sexy. She's the kind of girl that women hate and men love.'

On Dawn Yeoh: 'I can really see Dawn maturing both as a person and in her roles. Previously she was just a cute small girl.

'Even her pitch sounded cutesy. But good for her that she is growing up.'

On Jesseca Liu: 'I thought she was a self-centric person from her roles. But after knowing her better, I realise she is a bochap (carefree in Hokkien) girl. She isn't overly ambitious and just wants to do her job well.'

On Joanne Peh: 'She is, on the other hand, clearly more sporty and has that modern vibe in her.'