Monday, 31 August 2009


not say i want to say er... my dept is the coolest and hottest dept around =D for the staff dinner, we won best dressed, came up tops in table game and 4 of our guys won lucky draw prizes including the prize of $400 CASH! HAHAHAHA i won 5th prize - a 5GB ext HDD. not bad not bad. we were like super high man. the theme was "Youth Olympic Games" and we went as a soccer team called TEAM INFINITY with out dept head as the manager and assistant heads as coach and captain kakakakaka.... where did we get our soccer jerseys? don't tell you!

we were supposed to do some cheesy cheer plus malu actions...

coach: what is 2 X 2 X 2?
us: 8!
coach: rotate 90 deg, what do you get?
us: infinity! *arms point northeast*
coach: can't hear you!
us: infinity! *arms point northwest*
coach: one more time!
us: INFINITY!!!!!! *arms criss cross in front a la super hero*

so we told everyone "the lines are very easy ha! our lines are just "8" and "infinity"! only the coach needs to say more" so we ok ok happily went up the stage and shouted...

but... but... but... our dear coach decided to add ONE EXTRA LINE... -__________-|||

coach: what is 2 X 2 X 2?
us: 8!
coach: what is 2 X 2 X 2 X 2???!!!
us: 8!
(instantly realise something is wrong... ???!!!*
coach: rotate 90 deg, what do you get?
us: infinity! *arms point northeast*
coach: can't hear you!
us: infinity! *arms point northwest*
coach: one more time!
us: INFINITY!!!!!! *arms criss cross in front a la super hero*

after that we felt so malu -________-|||| cos 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 16... *slap forehead*

then then then the table game was some olympics quiz which we kinda aced so our MVP had to go up and play nintendo wii tennis with the other team and we cheered so aggressively plus do human pyramid (like those cheerleaders kind) LOL it was quite malu but when everyone does malu actions together, it looks cute ROFLMAO

i <3 my dept!

Personal Assistant

last time when i was in the passenger seat...

chris: DEAR! u r ALWAYS SMS-ing in the car???!!!
me: oh? hehehe ^^
chris: why do u have so many people to SMS to??
me: donno. people SMS me so i reply lor!
chris: u r always v busy in the car!!

now, since i drive whenever we go out together... my handbag sits on chris' lap sometimes (cos i don't like to put prada and chanel on the floor ma...)

chris: i feel like the devil wears prada that girl...
me: haha... you are anne hathaway i am meryl streep right? she always plonks her handbag on anne hathaway's desk LOL

me: eh dear, help me reply my kor...
chris: -.- reply what?
me: oh i told him he can buy 5DMkII and 24-105 lens for my birthday LOL but he didn't get that it was a joke... type, "joke not funny le since you didn't get it dash dot dash"
chris: -.- [typed in something else to play a prank on me...]

[receives an SMS from cc...]

chris: cc says vivo bakerzin...
me: help me reply "so far dash dot dash"
chris: -.-

after a few mins...
me: er dear, can help me open the bottle of water?
chris: -.- nah! here!
me: [takes a sip and passes it back to him]
chris: what?
me: help me put back pls... i don't dare to look down
chris: i am like your personal assistant hor!
me: if not what do u expect? sit there and shake leg isit? u don't want to drive but still must work k?
chris: *grumble grumble*

Sunday, 30 August 2009

*Slap Forehead*

i. can't. believe. this.

this is a miss singapore contestant?

she has got to be the worst EVER.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Where's My Plant??

This morning when i checked on my fish i got a shock *GASP!!!* where's my plant??? what happened??? my plant pot had toppled into the water and the stalks were all gone!


-.- i instantly knew who the culprits are. which family members in this house eat plants???

west and claire

so naughty... chris was very worried and ordered me to remove the plant and forbade me from keeping any form of plants in the house *grumble grumble* i had that plant for so long le... they have never nibbled at it... don't know how come they will suddenly go and eat it... -.-

Friday, 28 August 2009

Did You Cut Your Hair?

every time i have a hair-cut, people will ask me that question and i will say, "no, my hairdresser did..." and they'd be like -.- what? correct ma! technically i didn't cut my hair! i went to a salon and my hairdresser cut it!

but i can ask my bff jiahui that question. cos she cuts her own hair. serious. she was so fed up with hairdressers who don't cut her hair the way she wants it so she bought a pair of hairdressing scissors and started cutting her own hair. yeah, she'd stand in front of the mirrors and snip snip here snip snip there (she has short hair) cool hor?

talking about cutting hair, my mum used to cut my hair when i was young and i rmb once she tried to cut my fringe but somehow couldn't get it horizontal so she tried to trim the longer side then it slanted the other way and she trim and trim until my fringe was super short -.- think she should have just made me wear a bowl then use the line as a guide ma! *grumble grumble*

i wonder if my kor or sil cut my nieces hair LOL

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Guten Tag!

=D Friedrich is back ^^ finally...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Giam Siap (Part 2)

that day i ta pao yu kee duck rice for dinner and i couldn't believe the tiny amount of meat they gave me. the guy cut about ONE INCH thick of duck meat, sliced it horizontally in half, PIAK! slapped the two pieces flat with the cleaver and cut them into a total of about 10 pieces -__________-|||

economic crisis also cannot like that ma... so giam siap one... i scraped the box clean but still didn't feel satisfied so i had to eat something else =(

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Giam Siap (Part 1)

means "stingy" in hokkien. usually giam siap is followed by another word... which i prefer not to utter during this lunar month LOL

Hwa kao... today i went for an external course... well the course was pretty interesting but the refreshment was HORRIBLE!!!! i think it was one of the most atrocious i have ever had (although every time we go to that place for a course, the food sucked =P)

you know what they served??? white bread with kaya and butter, and oil-soaked deep fried samosa. full stop. yes, that's all. finished. horrible right? unbelievable right? kaya and butter!!! *slap forehead* it's not ya kun bread k?? it's just those gardenia bread (i'm sure it's not gardenia... must be some cheap bread) cut in half. they didn't even bother to cut off the sides and the isosceles triangles were out of shape some more. jon took a photo but it turned out too dark... and the samosa was even more disgusting. it was oil-soaked!!! my colleagues put it on their styrofoam plate and when they ate it, there was a small pool of oil where it used to sit. i tried to blot it with the napkin but freaked out when i saw the yellow-coloured oil. and i think when you bite into it, the oil will spurt out cos HY said, "the inside also got a lot of oil!" >.< i was quite hungry so i was struggling... to eat or not to eat, to eat or not to eat and the guys were like looking at me, "will she eat? will she eat?"

end up i gave it to T =P

i wrote in the feedback form "the refreshment was pathetic."

sighs... chris also had a workshop today. he told me there was fried bee hoon, veggies, fish, sushi, eclairs...


Monday, 24 August 2009

Very Cool Video

the japanese group SOUR got the help of fans to make this music video. I wonder how long it took to edit this... very very cool.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Orchard Central

thu was my first time to orchard central and i quite like it. when i entered from level 3, what greeted me was a mild fragrance. after getting to level 4 where kenko wellness is, i figured the smell probably came from that level. level 2, 3, 4 are called INDULGE where you can find spas, mani pedi shops, waxing shop (called "wax in the city" LOL), hairdressing salons etc... like a one-stop place to pamper yourself. there's even a WIG shop -.-??? it's very quiet which is good because i hate weaving through crowds to get to or leave a spa or salon.

there's a rock climbing wall INSIDE the mall... ya, weird... imagine u sitting there sipping your latte then when u look up, there are people scaling a wall haha...

and i read that there's a photography bookstore... cool ^^ will check it out when free...

but what i like best has to be the toilet! finally someone had the brains to bring in japanese-style WCs!!!! complete with bidet (for butt and jiji and even an "oscillating" function which i suppose oscillates between front and back LOL), blow dry and HEATED toilet seat. when i sat on it i went aaaaaaahhh.... ^^

nice. will check out the place more... such as the shops and restaurants.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fish Spa

I have been terribly overworked lately so i made up my mind that i die die also must leave early on thu to take time off to relax. i got 3 fish spa vouchers when i renewed my kenko package so decided to try out the new outlet at orchard central. i had two 10-min vouchers and a 30-min one and i kay kiang decided to use the 30-min one... i was quite excited at first but when i sat there and stared at the fish, i chickened out LOL i was so freaked out la. there are sooooo many of them. although i had the whole pool to myself (there were 3 pools. a father and daughter pair were using another one... the girl was just about 10 years old -.-) i tried to lower my feet into the water but somehow, there was a lot of inertia.... i was seated at the edge of the pool, my feet dangled above the water for a very long time... until i felt my stomach going to cramp... my masseuse coaxed me...

masseuse: slowly put in...
me: i don't dare! *squirm*
masseuse: try just dipping your right heel in
me: *heel touched water. OH MY TIAN!!!!! it felt like my heel was a magnet and the fish were iron nails. have u ever fed fish? u throw the bread in and they pppsssshhhhhh zhioooppppp attack the bread? ya! that was what happened!!!! except the food is your heel!* AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! VERIIIII TICKLISHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH (retract heel)
father and daughter pair: >.> -.-|||
masseuse: ya it will be very ticklish at first but u will get used to it... try again
me: *dipped heel in* aaaahhhhhhh!!!! i cannot.... erm.... can i change voucher and do just 10-min?
masseuse: i check for you.... (came back) sorry miss, cannot, they chop the voucher already...
me: =((((

so i tried again... i loon and tahan and just plonked my feet in.... EERRRRRRR... AAAAHHHHHHH...... super ticklish....

but after a while, it was quite therapeutic... the masseuse came back to check on me...

masseuse: wa, still can take photo ah? that means u r ok already la =) want to try bigger fish?

LOL so i decided to progress to the larger fish... hahaha...

the experience was quite unique. my feet didn't feel baby soft but did feel smoother. i followed it up with a foot reflex and shouder massage and it felt really great ^^

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pain In The ...

... everywhere

Golly, i have been working 10-12 hour days for the past two weeks so i'm tired like siaoz >.< some nights i'm soooooooo tired until i CAN'T sleep. and my whole body aches... there's pain in the head, pain on the shoulder, pain on my back, pain on my legs, pain everywhere! pain from the top of the head to the tip of the toe... >.<

I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there's SOOOOOOOOOO much work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a to-do list and look forward to cancelling the items but but but i keep adding new items to the list too!they just keep coming in non-stop.

most days i check out only at about 7pm then i ta pao dinner and eat while stoning in front of TV. then shower and stone some more cos need to wait for hair to dry. still got to iron clothes, clean west n claire' enclosure... no time to prepare food to cook for next day's le... eat in canteen everyday... piano is dusty...

but guess what is the daily bread reading today? Here is an excerpt...

In John 15, Jesus explained our need for complete dependence on Him when He said, “He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing” (v.5). Paul reminded us that we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens [us]” (Phil. 4:13), that “the excellence of the power [is] of God and not of us” (2 Cor. 4:7), and that we are “strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man” (Eph. 3:16).

Because of God’s power, we can do whatever He asks of us—through Him. We can base our confidence not in our own abilities, but in God’s absolute promises.

So, today, with exceedingly more power than the little engine could ever muster, we can say, “I know I can. I know I can—because of Jesus.” — Cindy Hess Kasper

God gives to His servants this promise:
You’ll not have to face life alone;
And when you grow weak in your struggle,
His strength will prevail—not your own. —Hess

God’s requirements are met by God’s enabling.

Amen =)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Movie Review: 17 Again (5*)

I finally had the chance to catch this movie. chris didn't want to watch it so i rented it on AppleTV and savoured it on sunday =PPP matthew perry plays a middle-aged Mike whose life is in a mess: his wife is filing for divorce, he's been working in the same company for 16 years but is passed over for a promotion and his kids think he is a loser. then he gets a second chance to be 17 again, played by Zac Efron, with his best friend Ned, IT nerd-turned-billionaire, as his father. hilarious, it had me cracking up on my couch. there were touching moments that brought tears to my eyes too, especially the last part in the courtroom where he read the letter to his wife.

oh oh, his friend Ned has this really cool set-up for gaming: 4 Apple cinematic displays and a chair with speakers... cool. and his house is loaded with all sorts of cool movie memorabilia like light sabres, swords etc.... plus he drives a lamborghini which he calls the Ned-mobile... woot!

it's a 4* but since Zac Efron looked simply too delicious, i had to give it 5* LOL i can so watch this show again... sheesh, i should have BOUGHT it instead =P i didn't really like zac efron in shows like high school musical but in this movie, he is really cool =)

me: dear, wanna watch 17 again?
chris: i thought u watched it already?
me: it's ok, i can watch 17 again... again =D
chris: -.-

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shio Saba

Shio = salt
Saba = mackerel

in japanese...

we like to eat saba shio and i found some good ones from meidiya supermarket. they come fillet-ed, packed with the salt and frozen so you just need to defrost and pan-fry. i use a non-stick grill pan. if your pan is non-stick, you won't even have to add oil cos saba (like cod and salmon) is an "oily" fish. high in omega-3 ^^ after that, drain it a little on kitchen paper (you won't believe it but it will be oily!)


tastes great with a squeeze of lemon and grated radish (which i didn't have but heck la) or just on its own with rice =)

Monday, 17 August 2009

MIA cups

very often, i will find the cups/mugs/glasses in the kitchen missing. Just saturday, the same thing happened again... but i knew exactly where to look -> the study. here's what i found.


they're actually not placed nicely in a row as seen in the photo. they were ALL OVER THE PLACE. but instead of taking FOUR photos, i put them together and took one.

yeah... chris will drink from one receptacle and just leave it there... then the next day, he will take a new one, drink from it and leave it there again -.- i gib up nagging le la. no use one. just collect back and wash altogether, like how i accumulate coins from his trousers when doing laundry.

someone asked me, "in a marriage, what CAN'T you prepare for?" i guess one of the things is different lifestyle habits. you won't know unless you live together. what i do is i will take photographic evidence, MMS/email him and say "this is unacceptable" or show him when he is back and he will reply with a "oopps, forgot hehehe =DDD".

ah ya, gib up nagging le la. i will remind but i try not to nag unless i'm really really upset then i will throw tantrums. otherwise, i just let him be, close one eye and reward myself like book a more luxurious resort lor LOL

Sunday, 16 August 2009


We were at Santouka @ Central for ramen and I couldn't help but chuckle when I read this


It reads: "The essence of chicken broth has been enhanced its reichness and fragrance by adding mild-flavored of fish stock."

??? LOL

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Phuket Pavilions

Hehehe... time to book resort liao ^^ this time we chose Phuket Pavilions oceanview pool villa. hehehe... got private infinity pool facing ocean... shioks. and what chris and i like best is: children under 16 not allowed =D means won't have noisy SGNs!!!! great! can't wait.

we've been to phuket before but since we're going to a different resort, it doesn't matter. had wanted krabi but jetabout (we always book our luxury holidays with them. more convenient cos just call them n they settle everything) didn't have any packages and we're too lazy to go and source for one. vietnam was another option but the flight time is pathetic: can only fly on Fri MORNING come back on Mon -.- not possible what!

we are very easy to satisfy one:

1. wireless internet
2. no noisy kids running around or splashing water in the pool
3. luxurious

can already. kekeke

it's not that i don't like kids. normal day ok. i love my nieces what. so cute. but not when it's at a resort. we go to a resort to relax so those resorts that have kid's club la, playground la, babysitting services etc, we will skip LOL

Friday, 14 August 2009


*grumble grumble* i wanted to sign up for the following canon photography workshop by a national geographic photograher but it's full =((((((((((

HNG!! =(

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Uncle Brand Ice Cream

Although I like haagen daz, ben n jerry's all that, who can resist uncle brand ice cream?? neh, i'm talking about those on motorbikes, ice cream is either sliced kiap between two wafers, or between colourful bread ones? what i like is the scoop type. i like mixed flavours (minus durian >.<) in a cup (actually i like the colourful bread too but i eat v slowly so it gets all messy). and uncle is v smart one. he will always park near the gate of a school at dismissal time so there'll be a long Q =D and since there's a primary school and playground cum basketball court near my block, uncle is there everyday at around 5+ to 6. i love the mixed flavours... every mouthful is a different flavour so it's always a pleasant surprise... you go mmm! lychee! mmm! mango!!! mmm! chocolate!!! mmm! hm... i donno what flavour... haha... n u see the kids (kids eating are fine cos mouth busy won't scream, cry or whine), the basketball players, ah gongs and ah mas, uncles n aunties waiting for their grandkids or kids also digging in.

The simple pleasures of life and it costs only $1 =))

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


in Japanese means "lunchbox" or bian4 dang1. actually bento is a particular type of lunchbox that has separate compartments. it's been used to mean the entire lunchbox with it's contents. japanese mums will make obento for their husbands and kids to bring to work n school respectively. husbands who bring obento to work will feel very blessed and loved. these mums will make v cute obento for kids... yeah, it's a v japanese and taiwanese thing.

i try to bring obento to work because i don't quite like my office food, i kena lao sai from the food a couple of times, i'm too lazy to walk down to buy and i feel that outside food is bad (the oil they use is really bad).

Here are some of the things i bring to office for lunch:

rice with 1 veg 1 meat (here i have koshihikari rice with teriyaki chicken with homemade teriyaki sauce, baby broccoli, starfruit from aunt's tree and jasmine tea)

jap stuff (here i have chasoba with chicken cutlet and salad with japanese dressing)

sandwich/pita/tortilla wraps n salad (here is chicken mayo with foccacia, salad with jap dressing)

oh, the sandwich has toast lines cos i have a sandwich press at my desk (actually it's the desk beside my desk which no one occupies so i conquered it... LOL)

sometimes i bring pasta, porridge or soup with rice. lately i also tried making onigiri (japanese rice balls) but it was quite out of shape so don't dare to take photos LOL oh, it looks like i always cook chicken but actually, i got cook fish, steamed beancurd with prawns etc too la, just happen to take photos of chicken.

some people ask me how i steam rice... neh, like that lor.

with a bamboo steamer. bottom steam rice (in a bowl hor) half cup of rice to 100ml water, on top can steam meat and veg (also in bowls). of cos i will put the ones that take longer to steam at the bottom then keep removing layers. what i do is i prep all the ingredients the night before e.g. i will wash the veg, dry them and put in zip lock bag, clean and cut meat plus season, make teriyaki sauce if necessary... basically whatever can prep beforehand i will do, then i cook in the morning. for salads and sandwich, actually can prep the night before and keep it in the fridge. just separate the dressing (which i will make the day before too).

so while the rice is being steamed (which takes about 15-30 mins depending on the type of rice. brown rice will take longer), i go n colour my face LOL then i come out to switch off flame let it sit in the steam for a while more while i change into my clothes, wear jewellery all that, then scoop the rice into the container.

yeah, like that lor.

recently i made teriyaki salmon and rice for chris but think he prefers to go out w his colleagues to eat all those unhealthy food... haha, so won't force him. he definitely won't eat chasoba, sandwiches all that one, especially sandwiches/pita/wraps cos he feels it's not "proper food" by proper food, he means rice n noodles.

[i-phone images]

check out other people's prettier obento images here

Monday, 10 August 2009

The Pet Emporium

[i-phone images]

we went to samantha and sheryl's pet shop (The Pet Emporium) opening at upper timah road on sat. Sam and Sheryl (identical twins... up til now i still can't figure out who is who LOL) are actually west and claire's nanny before we got them =) and every time we go overseas, we'll send west and claire to them for boarding =)

when we entered... sheryl showed us in...

sheryl: if you're hungry there's food ^^ there's a human buffet and a dog buffet ^^
us: dog buffet?

Scruffy, my MIL's greedy dog would have gone crazy there la!!

scruffy, my kor's ex-pet, now my MIL's pet is super greedy... he LOVES fruit. any type of fruit also eat. but i think his fav r durians n mango LOL

haha... very cute. there was a cake in the shape of a bone, shepherd's pie, baked meatballs, pizza, durian puffs (aw... too bad scruffy wasn't there. he would have had a whale of a time! LOL) and cookies.

cute la... and chris kept feeding sheryl's dog so she kept coming to kachiao him LOL

these two girls r quite remarkable... barely even 20 and already their own bosses (i believe their parents helped). they're so much more mature than other kids their age. really happy for them and hope their business takes off ^^

they gave us a goodie bag for scruffy (scruffy! got goodie bag neh!!! got food liao ^^) and we bought scruffy a squeaking lobster and our kids organic hay. we were deciding between the gurgling pufferfish and squeaking lobster but i thought the lobster's cuter =) scruffy loves to chase the lobster if you throw it from one end of the living room to the other but he also chewed off one of the lobsters legs -.-

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jaw Dropping News

i read in the papers (backdated one actually, saw it at my in laws place) that one woman has a walk-in wardrobe that's 1000 sq-feet. that is about the size of my FLAT!

and she has more than 1000 pieces of clothes and 80 bags, the most expensive of which costs $18,000.


Happy Birthday, Singapore!!!


hahaha... my nieces and my kor. the girls are dressed in national day colours hahaha... on my mum's birthday 4 months ago hahaha... so cute

woot! hope can see fireworks from my in-law's place!!! my original idea was to eat charcoal steamboat at marina barrage then 8pm walk up to see fireworks one... but i didn't dare suggest to chris -.- he sure veto it one la *grumble grumble*

this year's theme is say pledge... say pledge in english everybody knows but who knows how to recite pledge in Chinese???
I only know a few lines... so pai seh... better ask MIL.

God bless Singapore! ^^ I <3 Singapore!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Interesting Math Question

This is a cool question...

Josephus' Circle

the answer involves recurrence relations... cool, super cool. and josephus actually calculated that QUICKLY. he is smartz sia...

Friday, 7 August 2009

Eskew Me, You Want Donate?

That day someone rang the door bell and because my door is usually open (so that it's not stuffy), i answered the bell and a lady was there. she said she was from singapore cancer society and i was like o....k..... so she went on and on about their programmes and at the end of the conversation, asked for a donation. the thing is, she said they don't accept cash but i can opt for a monthly deduction from my credit card! and before i could respond, she said...

lady: so can i have your IC number so that i can fill it up for you?

i was like -.-???!!! i have not even said i WANT to donate. i'm sorry but after several incidences (u guys know which ones i'm refering too), i'm quite skeptical about donating to such organisations. chris n i prefer to just give to church (n our church is not the famous ones in the papers LOL). so i said:

me: erm... i don't want to donate...
lady: oh i see. is there a reason?
me: (duh??!) yes, i am more cautious now after reports in the media regarding certain charitable organisations. i give to church and my church has a breast cancer support group so i guess, i'm doing a part too ^^
lady: oh but really, the people who suffer are the patients.. actually your neighbours have donated...
me: no sorry...

-.- really meh? my neighbours got give her their credit card number for monthly deduction?? i don't believe... should have said, "can i ask my neighbours first?" LOL actually i find it v unsafe to fill up my credit card number and pass the form to someone i don't even know... it's so insecure...

haiz, actually, if not for those wolf heart dog lung people who misuse funds, i'd still call during those charity shows... sadz for the patients.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Salmon Run

wa, my cell group girlfriend P may be going away too =( as it is, G is already packing her bags to study in taiwan for a couple of years... and CY n LL just had a baby so they are tied up with baby so that leaves chris n i!! =( like that my cell group salmon run got to close down le... =(

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

>.<||| *ROAR!!!!*

On Mon I cooked dinner so after scooping out the soup i was looking for my soup spoons but just couldn't find them... it turned out that chris threw them away -.- yes... on sunday he bought katong laksa and they forgot to give us spoons so we used our own. my two fine bone china long long soup spoons. long long so they won't drop into the soup ma.

and chris actually wrapped them together with the disposable boxes and threw them away *slap forehead!* didn't he feel that it was very heavy????!!!!!!


i was so upset... go Osaka's doguyasuji* I must take revenge *evil grin*

*one of my favourite streets in japan... excellent shopping... for me la. whole street selling kitchen appliance... you can find anything under the sun in a japanese restaurant. crab shears, crab diggers, lemon squeezers, shark skin wasabi grater etc. etc. wa, can go mad there one LOL

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I Am Dead?

Golly... did you read about Straits Times boo boo today? Straits Times ran a story about a man who passed away during a triathlon here. But today they added a "What it should have been". Apparently, they put up the wrong photo... *GASP* imagine reading in the papers that you are dead... that's so bizarre...

but the guy who passed away... so poor thing =( his daughter is only 9 =(

Sunday, 2 August 2009

50mm f/1.2L

you wish er... but chris almost bought that -.-|||

i got so sick of not having my 50mm (i use my 50mm f/1.8 quite a lot) so i went to john 316 to get a 1.4 but had my foot reflex done first cos i'd been working too hard lately... worked today too >.<

so when i was done, i called chris and arranged to meet him at the shop. WA, the shop was super crowded (got economic crisis meh????) but when i was squeezing though, Sam the boss saw me...

Sam: Hi Darling! =D *glance at chris who was standing right in front of him* sorry ah, call her darling in front of you kekeke (Sam and chris used to go to the same church)
Chris: Ann wants the 50mm
Sam: oh, 1.4 or 1.2?
Chris: er.... *scratch head* 1.2?
Sam: really ah? =DDDDDD ($.$)
me: *managed to finally squeeze through* ONE. POINT. FOUR, DEAR!!!
chris: why don't just buy the 1.2?
me: you want to buy for me ah? THANK YOU!! =D
sam: LOL a 1.2 can buy Chanel handbag*... LOL
chris: O.O||| (heng ah...)
me: and a filter too
sam: german one?
me: k la k la
sam: (happily screw on a B+W filter)

after paying...

me: dear, the 1.4 is $580, the 1.2L is $2000+ k???
chris: heng ah...

... i realised i could have transferred my old filter from the 1.8 to the 1.4 -.- diao... hahaha... but my old filter is hoya la.

* actually 1.2L not enough to buy Chanel la... LV can, Chanel cannot...hahaha

Saturday, 1 August 2009


i'm in a good mood =DDD we just had Teochew food!! i like Teochew food =) braised goose, cold crab, braised fish maw, pomfret porridge. wa, the fish maw is so nice =D and i love pomfret porridge. it's the watery kind, like teochew fish porridge except it's pomfret meat. i got a colleague who only likes the gooey Canto type. and for dessert, i had OU NEE!!!! with ginko nuts and pumpkin!!!!! =DDDDD wa, i licked the spoon clean... if i was at home, i'd have licked the bowl LOL

chris: er... dear, your favourite dessert hor?
me: no, my second favourite...
chris: so what's your favourite
me: *flap hands like flapping wings*
chris: ??? chicken wings?
me: chicken wings is not a dessert -.-
chris: then what?
me: BIRD'S NEST!!!
chris: -.- it's the wrong action... bird's nest should be like this *krapui spitting action*
me: -.-