Sunday, 2 August 2009

50mm f/1.2L

you wish er... but chris almost bought that -.-|||

i got so sick of not having my 50mm (i use my 50mm f/1.8 quite a lot) so i went to john 316 to get a 1.4 but had my foot reflex done first cos i'd been working too hard lately... worked today too >.<

so when i was done, i called chris and arranged to meet him at the shop. WA, the shop was super crowded (got economic crisis meh????) but when i was squeezing though, Sam the boss saw me...

Sam: Hi Darling! =D *glance at chris who was standing right in front of him* sorry ah, call her darling in front of you kekeke (Sam and chris used to go to the same church)
Chris: Ann wants the 50mm
Sam: oh, 1.4 or 1.2?
Chris: er.... *scratch head* 1.2?
Sam: really ah? =DDDDDD ($.$)
me: *managed to finally squeeze through* ONE. POINT. FOUR, DEAR!!!
chris: why don't just buy the 1.2?
me: you want to buy for me ah? THANK YOU!! =D
sam: LOL a 1.2 can buy Chanel handbag*... LOL
chris: O.O||| (heng ah...)
me: and a filter too
sam: german one?
me: k la k la
sam: (happily screw on a B+W filter)

after paying...

me: dear, the 1.4 is $580, the 1.2L is $2000+ k???
chris: heng ah...

... i realised i could have transferred my old filter from the 1.8 to the 1.4 -.- diao... hahaha... but my old filter is hoya la.

* actually 1.2L not enough to buy Chanel la... LV can, Chanel cannot...hahaha