Saturday, 1 August 2009


i'm in a good mood =DDD we just had Teochew food!! i like Teochew food =) braised goose, cold crab, braised fish maw, pomfret porridge. wa, the fish maw is so nice =D and i love pomfret porridge. it's the watery kind, like teochew fish porridge except it's pomfret meat. i got a colleague who only likes the gooey Canto type. and for dessert, i had OU NEE!!!! with ginko nuts and pumpkin!!!!! =DDDDD wa, i licked the spoon clean... if i was at home, i'd have licked the bowl LOL

chris: er... dear, your favourite dessert hor?
me: no, my second favourite...
chris: so what's your favourite
me: *flap hands like flapping wings*
chris: ??? chicken wings?
me: chicken wings is not a dessert -.-
chris: then what?
me: BIRD'S NEST!!!
chris: -.- it's the wrong action... bird's nest should be like this *krapui spitting action*
me: -.-