Friday, 28 August 2009

Did You Cut Your Hair?

every time i have a hair-cut, people will ask me that question and i will say, "no, my hairdresser did..." and they'd be like -.- what? correct ma! technically i didn't cut my hair! i went to a salon and my hairdresser cut it!

but i can ask my bff jiahui that question. cos she cuts her own hair. serious. she was so fed up with hairdressers who don't cut her hair the way she wants it so she bought a pair of hairdressing scissors and started cutting her own hair. yeah, she'd stand in front of the mirrors and snip snip here snip snip there (she has short hair) cool hor?

talking about cutting hair, my mum used to cut my hair when i was young and i rmb once she tried to cut my fringe but somehow couldn't get it horizontal so she tried to trim the longer side then it slanted the other way and she trim and trim until my fringe was super short -.- think she should have just made me wear a bowl then use the line as a guide ma! *grumble grumble*

i wonder if my kor or sil cut my nieces hair LOL