Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Giam Siap (Part 1)

means "stingy" in hokkien. usually giam siap is followed by another word... which i prefer not to utter during this lunar month LOL

Hwa kao... today i went for an external course... well the course was pretty interesting but the refreshment was HORRIBLE!!!! i think it was one of the most atrocious i have ever had (although every time we go to that place for a course, the food sucked =P)

you know what they served??? white bread with kaya and butter, and oil-soaked deep fried samosa. full stop. yes, that's all. finished. horrible right? unbelievable right? kaya and butter!!! *slap forehead* it's not ya kun bread k?? it's just those gardenia bread (i'm sure it's not gardenia... must be some cheap bread) cut in half. they didn't even bother to cut off the sides and the isosceles triangles were out of shape some more. jon took a photo but it turned out too dark... and the samosa was even more disgusting. it was oil-soaked!!! my colleagues put it on their styrofoam plate and when they ate it, there was a small pool of oil where it used to sit. i tried to blot it with the napkin but freaked out when i saw the yellow-coloured oil. and i think when you bite into it, the oil will spurt out cos HY said, "the inside also got a lot of oil!" >.< i was quite hungry so i was struggling... to eat or not to eat, to eat or not to eat and the guys were like looking at me, "will she eat? will she eat?"

end up i gave it to T =P

i wrote in the feedback form "the refreshment was pathetic."

sighs... chris also had a workshop today. he told me there was fried bee hoon, veggies, fish, sushi, eclairs...