Monday, 17 August 2009

MIA cups

very often, i will find the cups/mugs/glasses in the kitchen missing. Just saturday, the same thing happened again... but i knew exactly where to look -> the study. here's what i found.


they're actually not placed nicely in a row as seen in the photo. they were ALL OVER THE PLACE. but instead of taking FOUR photos, i put them together and took one.

yeah... chris will drink from one receptacle and just leave it there... then the next day, he will take a new one, drink from it and leave it there again -.- i gib up nagging le la. no use one. just collect back and wash altogether, like how i accumulate coins from his trousers when doing laundry.

someone asked me, "in a marriage, what CAN'T you prepare for?" i guess one of the things is different lifestyle habits. you won't know unless you live together. what i do is i will take photographic evidence, MMS/email him and say "this is unacceptable" or show him when he is back and he will reply with a "oopps, forgot hehehe =DDD".

ah ya, gib up nagging le la. i will remind but i try not to nag unless i'm really really upset then i will throw tantrums. otherwise, i just let him be, close one eye and reward myself like book a more luxurious resort lor LOL