Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Movie Review: 17 Again (5*)

I finally had the chance to catch this movie. chris didn't want to watch it so i rented it on AppleTV and savoured it on sunday =PPP matthew perry plays a middle-aged Mike whose life is in a mess: his wife is filing for divorce, he's been working in the same company for 16 years but is passed over for a promotion and his kids think he is a loser. then he gets a second chance to be 17 again, played by Zac Efron, with his best friend Ned, IT nerd-turned-billionaire, as his father. hilarious, it had me cracking up on my couch. there were touching moments that brought tears to my eyes too, especially the last part in the courtroom where he read the letter to his wife.

oh oh, his friend Ned has this really cool set-up for gaming: 4 Apple cinematic displays and a chair with speakers... cool. and his house is loaded with all sorts of cool movie memorabilia like light sabres, swords etc.... plus he drives a lamborghini which he calls the Ned-mobile... woot!

it's a 4* but since Zac Efron looked simply too delicious, i had to give it 5* LOL i can so watch this show again... sheesh, i should have BOUGHT it instead =P i didn't really like zac efron in shows like high school musical but in this movie, he is really cool =)

me: dear, wanna watch 17 again?
chris: i thought u watched it already?
me: it's ok, i can watch 17 again... again =D
chris: -.-