Sunday, 23 August 2009

Orchard Central

thu was my first time to orchard central and i quite like it. when i entered from level 3, what greeted me was a mild fragrance. after getting to level 4 where kenko wellness is, i figured the smell probably came from that level. level 2, 3, 4 are called INDULGE where you can find spas, mani pedi shops, waxing shop (called "wax in the city" LOL), hairdressing salons etc... like a one-stop place to pamper yourself. there's even a WIG shop -.-??? it's very quiet which is good because i hate weaving through crowds to get to or leave a spa or salon.

there's a rock climbing wall INSIDE the mall... ya, weird... imagine u sitting there sipping your latte then when u look up, there are people scaling a wall haha...

and i read that there's a photography bookstore... cool ^^ will check it out when free...

but what i like best has to be the toilet! finally someone had the brains to bring in japanese-style WCs!!!! complete with bidet (for butt and jiji and even an "oscillating" function which i suppose oscillates between front and back LOL), blow dry and HEATED toilet seat. when i sat on it i went aaaaaaahhh.... ^^

nice. will check out the place more... such as the shops and restaurants.