Monday, 31 August 2009

Personal Assistant

last time when i was in the passenger seat...

chris: DEAR! u r ALWAYS SMS-ing in the car???!!!
me: oh? hehehe ^^
chris: why do u have so many people to SMS to??
me: donno. people SMS me so i reply lor!
chris: u r always v busy in the car!!

now, since i drive whenever we go out together... my handbag sits on chris' lap sometimes (cos i don't like to put prada and chanel on the floor ma...)

chris: i feel like the devil wears prada that girl...
me: haha... you are anne hathaway i am meryl streep right? she always plonks her handbag on anne hathaway's desk LOL

me: eh dear, help me reply my kor...
chris: -.- reply what?
me: oh i told him he can buy 5DMkII and 24-105 lens for my birthday LOL but he didn't get that it was a joke... type, "joke not funny le since you didn't get it dash dot dash"
chris: -.- [typed in something else to play a prank on me...]

[receives an SMS from cc...]

chris: cc says vivo bakerzin...
me: help me reply "so far dash dot dash"
chris: -.-

after a few mins...
me: er dear, can help me open the bottle of water?
chris: -.- nah! here!
me: [takes a sip and passes it back to him]
chris: what?
me: help me put back pls... i don't dare to look down
chris: i am like your personal assistant hor!
me: if not what do u expect? sit there and shake leg isit? u don't want to drive but still must work k?
chris: *grumble grumble*