Monday, 10 August 2009

The Pet Emporium

[i-phone images]

we went to samantha and sheryl's pet shop (The Pet Emporium) opening at upper timah road on sat. Sam and Sheryl (identical twins... up til now i still can't figure out who is who LOL) are actually west and claire's nanny before we got them =) and every time we go overseas, we'll send west and claire to them for boarding =)

when we entered... sheryl showed us in...

sheryl: if you're hungry there's food ^^ there's a human buffet and a dog buffet ^^
us: dog buffet?

Scruffy, my MIL's greedy dog would have gone crazy there la!!

scruffy, my kor's ex-pet, now my MIL's pet is super greedy... he LOVES fruit. any type of fruit also eat. but i think his fav r durians n mango LOL

haha... very cute. there was a cake in the shape of a bone, shepherd's pie, baked meatballs, pizza, durian puffs (aw... too bad scruffy wasn't there. he would have had a whale of a time! LOL) and cookies.

cute la... and chris kept feeding sheryl's dog so she kept coming to kachiao him LOL

these two girls r quite remarkable... barely even 20 and already their own bosses (i believe their parents helped). they're so much more mature than other kids their age. really happy for them and hope their business takes off ^^

they gave us a goodie bag for scruffy (scruffy! got goodie bag neh!!! got food liao ^^) and we bought scruffy a squeaking lobster and our kids organic hay. we were deciding between the gurgling pufferfish and squeaking lobster but i thought the lobster's cuter =) scruffy loves to chase the lobster if you throw it from one end of the living room to the other but he also chewed off one of the lobsters legs -.-