Saturday, 15 August 2009

Phuket Pavilions

Hehehe... time to book resort liao ^^ this time we chose Phuket Pavilions oceanview pool villa. hehehe... got private infinity pool facing ocean... shioks. and what chris and i like best is: children under 16 not allowed =D means won't have noisy SGNs!!!! great! can't wait.

we've been to phuket before but since we're going to a different resort, it doesn't matter. had wanted krabi but jetabout (we always book our luxury holidays with them. more convenient cos just call them n they settle everything) didn't have any packages and we're too lazy to go and source for one. vietnam was another option but the flight time is pathetic: can only fly on Fri MORNING come back on Mon -.- not possible what!

we are very easy to satisfy one:

1. wireless internet
2. no noisy kids running around or splashing water in the pool
3. luxurious

can already. kekeke

it's not that i don't like kids. normal day ok. i love my nieces what. so cute. but not when it's at a resort. we go to a resort to relax so those resorts that have kid's club la, playground la, babysitting services etc, we will skip LOL