Wednesday, 5 August 2009

>.<||| *ROAR!!!!*

On Mon I cooked dinner so after scooping out the soup i was looking for my soup spoons but just couldn't find them... it turned out that chris threw them away -.- yes... on sunday he bought katong laksa and they forgot to give us spoons so we used our own. my two fine bone china long long soup spoons. long long so they won't drop into the soup ma.

and chris actually wrapped them together with the disposable boxes and threw them away *slap forehead!* didn't he feel that it was very heavy????!!!!!!


i was so upset... go Osaka's doguyasuji* I must take revenge *evil grin*

*one of my favourite streets in japan... excellent shopping... for me la. whole street selling kitchen appliance... you can find anything under the sun in a japanese restaurant. crab shears, crab diggers, lemon squeezers, shark skin wasabi grater etc. etc. wa, can go mad there one LOL