Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Uncle Brand Ice Cream

Although I like haagen daz, ben n jerry's all that, who can resist uncle brand ice cream?? neh, i'm talking about those on motorbikes, ice cream is either sliced kiap between two wafers, or between colourful bread ones? what i like is the scoop type. i like mixed flavours (minus durian >.<) in a cup (actually i like the colourful bread too but i eat v slowly so it gets all messy). and uncle is v smart one. he will always park near the gate of a school at dismissal time so there'll be a long Q =D and since there's a primary school and playground cum basketball court near my block, uncle is there everyday at around 5+ to 6. i love the mixed flavours... every mouthful is a different flavour so it's always a pleasant surprise... you go mmm! lychee! mmm! mango!!! mmm! chocolate!!! mmm! hm... i donno what flavour... haha... n u see the kids (kids eating are fine cos mouth busy won't scream, cry or whine), the basketball players, ah gongs and ah mas, uncles n aunties waiting for their grandkids or kids also digging in.

The simple pleasures of life and it costs only $1 =))