Tuesday, 29 September 2009

G Force

I read in the papers that the sale of guinea pigs increased after the hit cartoon G Force. This worries me... when people buy animals as pets on impulse because soon, when the novelty has worn off, they will find the pets not cute anymore and the poor animals will be abandoned. I hope people will think carefully before getting a pet. a pet is a lifetime commitment. i hope parents will educate their children about responsibilities.

last time nemo also like that. and vendors reported that 40% of owners gave feedback that within one month, the fish died -.- of cos la!!! clown fish is a reef fish!!! you need special equipment to maintain a special tank to keep this special fish!!! stupid P.O.S. i am also upset at businessmen cashing in on the popular of these pets after certain hit movies.... P.O.S

To chris and me, a pet is family. if we adopt a pet, the pet becomes family and we will be committed to care for it until it dies. some people find that they "have no time for their pets" when they have a kid...(you know who you are, yes yes i'm talking about you haha...) we just find it weird... cos if we do get pregnant (choy choy choy), the baby will have to be content with west and claire being kor kor and che che. people don't "abandon" their elder children when they have another kid so we don't get why they should give up their pets when they have kids. pets and children can definitely grow up together (er... if your pet is a labrador or python... then maybe you got to be more careful k?) in fact, we feel that it is healthy for a child to grow up with a pet. but if you really do feel you can't take care of the pet anymore, at least try to find another responsible owner k?

haiz... i just hope there won't be many abandoned guinea pigs (the stray cats will be v thrilled) because when you "set your pet free" (with the exception of turtles), you're actually not setting it free, you're leaving it to die as prey. i have read about how some wolf heart dog lung people wrap a bunny inside a PLASTIC BAG and place it beside a garbage bin. @#$@#$%@#$%$^%@$^ it's an animal!!!! @!$#%#@$%$#@^%@ a living thing!!!! the poor creature can feel pain, has feelings. animals can feel sad and heart-broken too. these people should just go eat sh*t and die and after that their bodies put in a plastic bag and thrown into a garbage bin!!!!!!! *RRRRRROARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!* #@%#@^$#%^!#%#^$%#^%#$^%$^%$^&^*@#!#$@$@!#%^&%*()^&^%$#@!#$%^&*%^$#@!$%^&*^%$#@$%^

*pant pant pant* donno why, these few days when i read the news my blood will boil... vandalising SGNs la, people buying pets on impulse la >.< no wonder my masseuse says my huo3 qi4 (fire) is very big =PP

remember, to you he is just a pet. to him, you are everything.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Young and Brash

Talking about making mistakes when you are young, saturday's TNP reported an act of mischief committed by some school kids.

11 teenagers in school uniform boarded bus 62 along sengkang east drive (what school what school??) at about 1:30pm and they went to the upper deck. they were so rowdy that the bus driver could hear them from his seat. then suddenly, his emergency exit window light came on so he stopped the bus and went up to check. the 11 SGNs were seated on the back row. when he realised that the bus number plate on the window was missing, he asked them about it but they kept quiet. so he went down the bus and check the road behind the bus. to his horror, he saw a bus seat lying on the road!! it's 50cm by 40cm and weighed about 1 kg. the SGNs had flung a 1 kg bus seat (i don't know how the seat cushion came lose...) out of the rear bus window from the upper deck!!! can you imagine if a motor-cyclist is behind??? they could have potentially hurt someone!!! as a result, all the passengers had to be transferred to another bus. of cos everyone was upset because some would be late for afternoon shift.

so what happened to the SGN who did it? he cried and said he was remorseful (ya right), got a scolding from his discipline master, was made to reflect about his actions and write an apology letter to SBS. father will bring him to personally apologise to the bus captain.

that's it? he was let off just like that? -.- chris and i couldn't believe it. no caning? no corrective work order?

the chinese have a saying "子不教,父之過。教不嚴,師之惰" which means, "if someone is not educated (not academically per se, it includes manners, piety, social graciousness etc), it's his father's fault. if the teaching is not strict, the teacher is lazy."

chris said if he was the principal, he would have given the parents two choices: 1. public caning in school plus record 2. clean bus seats every weekend for 3 months under parental supervision (i.e. parents also have to do). sounds reasonable to me. the first one will be really painful for the kid but it's one-off and parents won't malu. the second one is not so painful but it's hardwork and parents malu together. so if the parent can't bear to let the kid kena whacked and bring that record to JC or poly, they will have to malu together with their kid lor.

this reminds me of another incident in the papers about some youth who went to other people's graves and took photos of themselves in offensive poses. the families of the bereaved whose tombs have been "defiled" were obviously upset. and the youth were let off with just some warning. again, they were "remorseful"...

what kind of signal are we sending to the youth? that they can get away with serious mischief because they "cried and felt remorseful"? that's just not right. every action has consequences and they too, should bear the consequences of their actions.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ris Low... Again

Haiz, Ris Low (our famous Ms Singapore) is in the news again. She is found to have been convicted of credit card fraud which she committed when she was working at a well-known medical centre at 17. She allegedly stole customers' credit cards to buy things for herself (and others) and was sacked and charged. So now there is a lot of talk about stripping her of her title. apparently, the organisers didn't know and are now outraged that she kept it from them, to which she replied she was not aware that there is such a clause (that contestants must not have any criminal record). duh...

My personal take is she shouldn't represent singapore anymore. otherwise people will think "is that the best ambassador your country can find?"

but as a person, what she did, she said, was a moment of folly when she was young so i feel people should give her a chance. how many of us can say we have not done anything wrong when we were younger? we all have made mistakes. i have (although not that kind of serious mistake to get charge la) and i regret some of my actions but that was in the past.

i also feel sad for her because when something like that is published, i think she will have difficulty even finding a good job, not to mention represent singapore. her family will also be affected...

poor girl...

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Carrot, Egg and Coffee Bean

Yesterday evening i went for foot reflex at orchard central (my ah kim is at funan) and the guy (Dennis) press press press and hit a spot so i AAHHHH! v loudly... he glanced at me...

dennis: did you get very upset? this part means your "fire" very big...

wow... he is so accurate. yes, i was very upset about something yesterday afternoon. it's something i can't really blog about but i told a couple of close people about it, cried, prayed and felt better although when i think about it, i'd still get a little peeved. chris understands how i felt and why i felt the way i felt... he stroked my head (as though i am west) and gave me a hug, made me feel better... still when i am alone, i can't help but dwell on it, ponder and think, replay it in my mind, get upset again, try not to think about it, pray, then the whole cycle repeats itself until time passes and i slowly feel better... but i believe that time can only ease hurts/pains/disappointment etc, it can never eradicate it.

the sad thing is, some times when something like that happens, when i feel hurt, a part of me dies. that part gets hardened and i become incapable of the same emotion as i used to (or at least not in the same intensity). some times i shut that part of me out from the world totally until one day i am ready to show it to others again.

i once read a story about a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean. they're all placed in boiling water and after 20 mins, the carrot has gone soft, the egg has hardened and the coffee bean, well, something different has taken place. all three went through the same "adversity" (the hot water) but they reacted differently. the carrot initially hard and strong has gone soft, the egg initially fragile and soft has hardened and the coffee bean? it has changed the water... of cos everyone should strive to be a coffee bean but is it really that easy? i think it's v difficult.

what am i? i think i am an egg... so what r you?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Alfred Died

Alfred really died... kena car accident, blood ozing out from nose, can't stand straight all that but still managed one last call to chang zai xin, his beloved (they broke off cos he had a leg (fling) with her best friend). before that, chang zai xin wrote him an email to let him know she has forgiven him. of cos, he never got to read it...

=( i watched it in the car on slingbox and immediately after the show ended i received an SMS.

cc: alfred died... i cried again... so sad...
me: i know, but i din cry neh...
cc: har?! so sad. i cried 2nd time lor.
me: dono leh. never cry =(
cc: u never put in feelings! =(
me: er... sorry... haha


the first time she watched alfred die, she cried until machiam like her friend died... she went to her boyfriend S, face covered in tears, choking...

cc: alfred died!!!!! *sobs*
S: o.O??? who is alfred????
cc: *explain who alfred is... the cute guy on channel 55*
S: -.-

i also had my fair share of crying sobbing wailing... here and here.

haha... girls...

Man and Bunny

rmb i blogged about my father-in-law talking to his dog? well, chris is indeed his son...

chris: my child, you're v blessed u know? *stroke him lovingly*
west: -.- *golly, there he goes again*
chris: other bunnies live in cages... you live in such a big enclosure...!
west: -.- *get me more hay please. make sure it's APD. have you cleaned the toilet?*
chris: and the fan is on 24/7!
west: -.- *i'd much prefer air con, thank you*
chris: you're v v cute!
west: -.- *but of course*
chris: daddy love! *kiss west's forehead*
west: >.< *yuck dad! this is embarassing! what if the girls see you kissing me???*


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wow! That's So BOOMS!

on sat while waiting for our friend to join us for dinner, chris n i hung out at Times bookstore for a while and my eyes caught the book "Dictionary of Singlish". i remember in NUS where i studied english (yes, english was one of my majors LOL) we had to do an assignment to evaluate singlish words i.e. say whether it's a noun, verb, adjective etc and give examples of uses. it was quite fun haha...

i think they should review it and include the word BOOMS into it. it's coined and popularised by our very own Ms Singapore Ris Low in her famous interview.

booms (adjective): amazing, fantastic, fabulous.

Examples of use:

"Our Bah Kut Teh [is] more booms than Malaysia one k!"
"Wa! You passed driving first time? That's so booms!
"Chris thinks he is a booms husband."

on sun over lunch...

me: er dear, i think we should get a bigger tatami mat for the jap table set... you know, the type with the triangular back rest...
chris: oh wow, that's so booms!
me: O.o???
chris: so are you gonna get RAD?
me: -.-???
chris: or leopard PREEN?
me: -________-|||

Monday, 21 September 2009

Dinner With Ken Lim

on sat we had dinner at centrepoint crystal jade korean with our singaporean friend who works in USA and halfway through, i saw Ken Lim (neh! the singapore idol judge!) and his family beside us.

me: dear dear... >.> ken lim!
chris: >.> oh! ya, it's him haha...

he was with his wife, two kids and two domestic helpers. wa, they ordered so much food and even opened two hot plates... three of us ate about $150 worth... i think his bill is at least $300... sheesh... when u have a family, your expenditure is v high. dinner at a restaurant is not just for the two of u anymore, got kiddos and domestic helpers some more... tsk tsk tsk...

he seems quite nice, not like the dao (unfriendly) and scary ken lim on TV... when we left, he smiled at us some more... haha...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bath Ritual

What you need:

A bath-tub and some bath salts or hot spring powder. I get mine from hot springs i visit in Japan. The one on the right is from Noboribetsu (Hokkaido) and the one on the left is from Ibusuki (Kagoshima, Kyushu). Hot springs in different regions have different components.

[i-phone image]

Pour one satchet into the water and it transforms into a hot spring at home!

Fill the tub halfway with hot water. must be hot like hot spring but not scalding until you get cooked. sit in the water with legs straight and palms in water. the water level should just cover your belly button so your lower body is submerged but upper body is above the water.

Wait 15-20 mins. You will be drenched in sweat!

Drain water and wash body with soap.

[P.S.: The correct way of using a hot spring is actually to shower first then soak. But this is a detox ritual you do at home in your own bath tub n you will sweat a lot so it's ok to shower after.]

My ex-Japanese language teacher taught us this and I try it when i remember. it's supposed to be good for health and complexion =) try it!

Friday, 18 September 2009


For the past three days, when i say grace, in addition to "Dear God, Thank You for the food, may You bless the food into my body", i needed to add one more phrase, "Help me not to puke out the food. Amen"


GAH... i had a bad bout of gastric flu alternating between puking and lao-sai-ing (diarrhoea). if i had a choice, i'd rather just have diarrhoea cos i HATE vomitting. i hate tasting the regurgitated food =PPPPPPP and sometimes it comes out from the nostrils >.< i can puke until cry one... actually, i always cry when i puke, donno why... is it a reflex action? for the first day, i just couldn't keep ANY food in my body. i either puked or lao out everything... even water and medicine >.< *sobs* but thank God we have two toilets so i can puke in one and lao in another. can you imgaine you need to puke in the same W.C. IMMEDIATELY after you lao sai. gross la!!!!

Thank God I feel better now but am putting off anything spicy, oily and made of dairy.

sheesh, think i lost 2 kg...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Worrying Phenomenon

ah yo... Singapore's becomin' more and more open hor? TNP on sunday reported that in a bid to increase traffic to his car website, a guy is offering 40 people an invitation to a private TOPLESS car wash (i.e. get your car washed by topless women). he claims that it will be artistically done and assured people that they will get the real deal (not a gimmick). in his website, advertisements featured scantily clad young girls...

hm... this worries me. that some people have no qualms about doing anything for money. and what baffles me is that the guy's wife actually supports him in this venture... diao... this is very very worrying... i wonder whether they will let their daughter be a topless car wash model...

i asked chris for his thoughts and he purposely said something to irritate me...

me: wa dear, see this. topless car wash... tsk tsk tsk... tell me is there any reason why they must have a topless car wash?
chris: oh... so that their clothes won't get wet ma...


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Food Review: Imperial Treasures Stuffed Hokkaido Sea Cucumber (5*)

[i-phone image]

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i ate stuffed Hokkaido sea cucumber on Sat and it was oh-so-good!!! OISHI!!!!!! hokkaido sea cucumber actually looks very scary cos it's spiky but the texture is v crunchy and coupled with minced shrimp and oyster sauce, wa! it's such a joy... =))) it's also smaller than regular sea cucumber and is only about the size of those small small banana used for goreng pisang (can't rmb called what la... pisang something one)

me: wa, *slurp slurp slurp* worth every bit of $22
chris: wa, one for $22?
me: yeah... but worth it...
chris: wa, why so expensive for a vegetable?
me: -.-??? it's a SEAFOOD!
chris: er... but i thought it's a cucumber?
me: -____________-|||

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Movie Review: Be With You (5*)

[i-phone image]

A japanese love story that moved me to tears, I strongly recommend watching this. The story is about Takumi and Mio. After the death of Mio, Takumi and his 5-year old son Yuji grieve her loss. On her first death anniversary, they meet a woman with an uncanny resemblance to Mio but who has no recollection of who she is. They bring her home thinking that she is Mio('s spirit) who has returned and family life resumes. However, their happy times together are interrupted by the discovery of Mio's diary.

The ending is the part that made me cry buckets. I can't say what the plot is or i'll spoil it. I can only say it's really magical and the way everything pieces together is ingenious.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Traumatic Flights To and From Phuket

Golly, although our holiday was very nice, our silkair flights to and from phuket were quite bad. the flight there was worse LOL

first there were these noisy kids who jujujujujujujujujujuju yak in their high-pitched voices THROUGHOUT the 1.5 hour trip -.- heng i had my pressure-regulating ear plugs on...

kid1 to kid2: so are we staying in the same hotel?
chris to me: definitely not the same as me! LOL

then there were these really unco-operative passengers... sheesh, i pity the air-stewardess... i think the she was v v polite. i wanted to give him two tight slaps myself. this group of people think they were going on a class excursion, move here move there never sit in their assigned seats...

air stewardess: sir, 14D is here (point at the other side)

then got another one...

air stewardess: sir, 14B is here (point at the other side)


there was turbulence. the pilot announced for everyone to go back to their seats, seat-belt sign on... they insist on getting their refill... die die must have their orange juice -.-

air stewardess: sir, i will get it for you later.
man: orange juice!
air stewardess: sorry sir, i will get it for you in a while. there is turbulence now so we can't serve.

and refuse to put on seat-belt...

air stewardess: sir, pls put on your seat-belt.
man: *act blur*
air stewardess: sir, you have to put on your seat-belt.
man: *still didn't buckle, some ang mos turned around to diao him. we also diao him from behind*
air stewardess: sir, you have to put it on for your safety.

then when we were about to land, pilot made the announcement to say pls return to your seats, seat-belt sign on... that man got up and wanted to go to the toilet...

air stewardess: sir, pls return to your seat!
man: *continue walking*
air stewardess: SIR! *run after him* you need to return to your seat! we're landing!


then on our flight back, there was this woman who kept yakking yakking yakking NON-STOP throughout behind us so loudly the whole plane could hear her entire conversation. i even know which part of england she is from -.- then when the air-stewardess served dinner...

air stewardess: mdm, would you like a drink?
woman: oh yes, i'm really thirsy! =D

i wonder why she is really thirsty... -.-

we forgot to check-in on-line and i forgot to tell the person at check-in that i wanted an aisle seat so we were in the window and middle seat (i was middle). the guy beside me kept knocking into me when sawing his chicken chop -.- then after they cleared the trays he zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz went to sleep but i needed to go to the toilet... i loon lor what to do? wake people up meh? v fast reach changi le la. i wanted to hook my fingers on the ledge above and swing my legs out (like ninja warrior) but chris o.O me when i told him about my plan...

me: so dear, do u think i can make it? swing my legs over?
chris: u say leh?

u meet all sorts of weird people on the plane...

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Macro Shots 3: Misc

haha, i shot the lamp shade

and did two "product shots" =) this is the free 5ml perfume i got at DFS when i bought the Dior brush set. i didn't have sophisticated studio lighting and backdrop. i draped our black bath robe over an arm chair and used natural lighting.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Macro Shots 2: Flora


small yellow flower (dry)

small yellow flower (wet)

lotus bud


small red flower

Friday, 11 September 2009

Macro Shots 1: Tiny Animals

i borrowed my goodest bestest friend jiahui's 100mm macro f/2.8 and took some macro shots. no no no, no butterflies or dragonflies la! they zhioop here zhioop ther so fast i couldn't catch =(

to take a good macro shot, you need:
1. macro lens la *slap forehead* although some people say tele also can...
2. insects that r still (hummingbird that kind will be v difficult, need v fast lens)
3. tripod
4. if shooting plants, best is there is no wind. got wind sure blur one
5. cable release if u want to minimise movement
6. a lot of patience and some luck: sometimes u wait wait wait until hair turned white also got no insect LOL
7. to open your eyes big big O.O to spot something "shoot-able"
8. i find having a spray bottle handy to create the "dew" look

this froggy was in our pond (our pond has quite a few froggies and tadpoles =D) but he was in a position that i can only shoot from the top and i didn't dare to go v near cos scared he jump!)

this snail (about a 5c coin size) was crawling vvvv slowly by the pond...

my best find was probably this tiny (about the size of a cooked rice grain) green grasshopper on a red leaf =)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Green Tea

chris was stunned when i whipped out my travel tea set at the resort...

chris: -.-??????? dear! what is this??? you actually brought your tea-set!!!
me: i need to drink tea ma...
chris: *speechless*

Thai Cooking Class: TCC1101

other people go to le cordon bleu in france to learn cooking, i signed up for thai cooking class at the resort ^^ for 950THB (about SGD$50+ after tax), i learnt how to make grilled beef thai salad and green curry chicken =) they even gave me an apron and certificate ^^

see the amount of preparation done by the thai chef... it's nice to just cook and not have to do the prep and wash-up kekeke =DD

thai green curry chicken (with curry paste made from scratch (by the chef LOL... he gve me the recipe and taught me how to make it la))

grilled beef salad with thai dressing =) chris liked the dressing and actually ate the lettuce!!! WAH!!!

they served the food i cooked (with the help of the chef) with plain rice for us =) chris was the happiest. he didn't even lift a finger... he just arrived for lunch LOL (the photos of me cooking were taken by the other waiters) the only photo he took is the first photo of me pointing at my salad =P

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Resort Review: Phuket Pavilions (5*)

OK, we just got back from Phuket =) the weather was great and surprisingly, it wasn't as humid as we had expected probably because we didn't venture out and also we were up on a hill =)

what we like about the resort:
+ very near the airport (about 25 mins drive)
+ pick-up by private vehicle (toyota camry) with lemongrass-scented chilled towels, cold drinks and assorted fresh fruit platter in the car ^^
+ entrance into resort through nice row of tress ^^

+ check-in when we're comfortably settled in our villa

[welcome drink and bouquet]

+ really exclusive and serene
+ very spacious villa with one living room, one bed-room and a toilet the size of our HDB bed-room which instantly transforms into a persoanl spa =)

+ you have the entire place to yourselves =) here's our pool. ah ya, if we knew it was so exclusive, no need bring swim suit le =P kekeke... can swim in the buff, very good won't get tan lines LOL

+ the food is reasonably priced and tastes authentic (price is somewhat like those family thai restaurants in singapore such as lemongrass)
+ got complimentary afternoon tea everyday consisting of tea, scones with cream, butter and preserves, sandwiches and cakes (the plain kind like sara lee, not the pretty kind).

+ hilltop bar with nice view =)
[360 degree bar]

[veranda restaurant]

+ got free DVDs: we watched click, XXX part 2 (in case u r wondering, it's a show about some special agent called XXX -.-|||) and shaolin soccer.
+ they allowed us late check-out til 4:30pm

what we wished was better:
- wa biang, the driver is worse than any taxi driver in singapore. he thinks he is the qiu ming shan driver (initial D) i felt a little sick LOL =P
- service is not very consistent... when we call, sometimes they know our villa number, sometimes they don't o.O and they didn't really address us by name (unlike most of the other luxury resorts we have been to)
- big big bath tub but WATER NOT HOT ENOUGH *slap forehead* and they didn't provide bath salt or bth gel (heng ah, i brought two loccitane bath tablets)
- the infinity pool... yes, it's infinity but we had expected unblocked view of ocean... but there were trees... oh well, give n take la. the trees provide privacy so you can swim or strut around in the buff without fearing that people can see LOL
- basket, they blocked our slingbox!!!! so we could not watch our shows -.- i missed my abalone family show =(
- because we're up on a hill, beach is not a few steps away, it's a 5-min drive DOWN. so give and take la... u want privacy and good view ma. so we didn't go to the beach. actually i wanted to go but chris didn't want and he didn't allow me to go alone ma so end up we didn't go lor.

watch out for more posts on my thai cooking class and macro shots! ^^

Monday, 7 September 2009

Cheap Skate

me: er dear... our resort is quite ex... shall i pack some instant noodles? there's a kitchenette...
chris: -.- dear, dear Dear DEAR DEAR! it's a luxury resort!!! why will i go there to COOK MAGGIE MEE??!!!!
me: oh... =D
chris: it's your birthday treat ok, no need to be so cheap skate.... -.-
me: oh, ok lor, then i will order lobster, thanks! ^^
chris: -_____-|||

Sunday, 6 September 2009

All Geared Up!

ok, i have packed my gear. it consists of:

18-200 f/3.5-5.6
50mm f/1.4 (used to be 1.8 but that cheap one broke down and i didn't bother to repair it LOL)
15mm fish eye f/2.8
100mm macro f/2.8 (borrowed from jiahui)
filters (i only have 2: sunset and golden)
cable release

may seem like quite a lot but it's ikan bilis compared to what some people lug around k? but i just can't go on a holiday and bring a compact anymore... it's like u use broadband le cannot go back n use modem like that hahaha... so yeah, my camera stuff is quite heavy (for me at least) and i carry it myself (most of the time) k! i don't make chris carry (except tripod)

ok, my body... yes yes i am still using my 400D -.- i also want 5DMkII but no moneh moneh (come to think of it, my birthday is coming...hm...)!!! plus it's significantly heavier...

some people cannot tahan the 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 and i understand. i also want 24-70 f/2.8L and 70-200 f/2.8L but no moneh moneh (come to think of it, my birthday is coming...)! and those two giants probably weigh 3-4 times as much >.< and i'm just a frail girl, not big macho guy like roy...

so it's really a dilemma... picture quality vs back wellness... u want nice nice pic quality but broken back or so so pic quality but alive and well... so sometimes got to give and take la... it's like you want those pretty stilettos which may cause your calves to hurt or the simple pumps? (er... sorry, not very good analogy cos i will choose the heels LOL)

i've got no complains (so far) about my fisheye and 50mm f/1.4 use them quite a lot =)

why bring torchlight leh? well, to get to some places, you may have to pass through dark places so tis v useful.

compass is so that i know where the sun will set and rise ma... LOL

cable release is just in case la... like shooting macro...

tripod ah, ah ya it's like umbrella, u bring it just in case need to use. also good for couple shots when other people don't know how to use your camera, wonder why so low tech must put eye at viewfinder got no live view one or try to "zoom" your 50mm lens LOL (it happened before... -.-||| when i told the guy my lens cannot zoom he gave me the "why your camera lousier than my compact" look)

Saturday, 5 September 2009


GOLLY!!!!!! GOLLY GOLLY GOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my nephew (who got married last year. he is my cousin's kid. my cousin is 20 years older than me) is expecting a kid!!! and since my nephew calls me ah yee, his kid will have to call me LAO YEE!!!!!!

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! i am going to be a LAO YEE already!!!!! >.<||| kk, my kor is just as bad... he is LAO GU.

Packing for Trip

unlike a certain friend of mine (i won't mention names) and a certain colleague too... wait... is she my friend? *scratch head* hm.... k la k la, that colleague also quite "friend" la, i usually pack in advance. for short neighbouring trips, i'd pack about 3-4 days in advance... for longer trips (like japan, europe) i sometimes pack as early as 1-2 weeks in advance... chris used to think i am v kiasu... he'd come home from work one day and see all the luggage bags lined up in the wardrobe and go O.O||| "dear! u r v kiasu!"

but now he appreciates it ^^ i will pack about 7788 one day then a bit a bit everyday cos sometimes forget this forget that or the piece of clothing i want to bring needs to be washed or realised need to buy disposable shaver for chris etc. i am in charge of the clothes n toiletries while chris is in charge of the lap top la, chargers la, cash la.

we will try to check in on-line too if possible, especially for night flights cos we'll try to choose the aisle bulk seats (those in front got no seats so got more leg room one, need to go toilet also don't need to s'kew me squeeze out...)

then got to send the kids for boarding, check fish pond food dispenser working properly... before leaving close windows, close all WC covers, check all lights switched off... yeah... so if very rushed, very stressed one...

we have never rushed for a flight cos chris will want to leave early... usually we book a cab (chris doesn't like the stress of waiting by the road with luggage and there are no cabs) so we'd reach airport, check in luggage then eat, shop, sit around, check internet, chris drink kopi i drink tea hahaha... oh but there was once in Oz we had to DASH to the gate cos they announced our name... that one not our fault. the transfer from hotel to airport broke down >.< so we had to wait there for another pick-up. thank God we didn't miss our flight.

can't wait ^^

Friday, 4 September 2009

Boy or Girl?

During chris' company dinner on fri night, since his colleagues who are married have kids, naturally some of them started talking about kids. while most women like to have daughters. cos can dress up la, cute la, more caring and sweet toward parents la etc... having daughters can also be a headache for fathers... when they're old enough and you feel you have to protect her...

one of his colleagues is v funny...

colleague: my daughter is in primary 5 and she gets calls from boys!
everyone: *stunned* pri 5??
colleague: ya! but i am the FIREWALL!!! =DDD

haha... i can imagine CY and my kor next time having headache... when guys call and ask for their daughters they'd probably be like, "who's that?", "what do you want?" kekeke...

reminds me of the show "Father of the Bride" starring steve martin and diane keaton... so funny =D one of my favourite family movies =) steve martin's expression is so classic LOL

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Macbook Pro 17"

wa... my goodest bestest friend jiahui finally got her macbook pro 17"... cool... and she upgrade this upgrade that until v powerful... the price also v powerful LOL

we went to imperial treasure nan bei to yum cha (we like to yum cha one) and as usual, she has to reply clients' emails...


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Leica M8

at the airport after sending grace off, i finally had the chance to touch the leica M8 that roger bought for grace for her birthday... she didn't bring it to taiwan


me: so how much is it?
roger: the body alone is $7000+
pris n i: O.O *JAW DROP*
me: and the lens?
roger: oh this lens cheap cheap one la... $2000+
pris n i: O.o *HEART SKIP A BEAT!*
me: that's a COOL $10K!!!!

no wonder he scolded his wife for booking jetstar... LOL