Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Alfred Died

Alfred really died... kena car accident, blood ozing out from nose, can't stand straight all that but still managed one last call to chang zai xin, his beloved (they broke off cos he had a leg (fling) with her best friend). before that, chang zai xin wrote him an email to let him know she has forgiven him. of cos, he never got to read it...

=( i watched it in the car on slingbox and immediately after the show ended i received an SMS.

cc: alfred died... i cried again... so sad...
me: i know, but i din cry neh...
cc: har?! so sad. i cried 2nd time lor.
me: dono leh. never cry =(
cc: u never put in feelings! =(
me: er... sorry... haha


the first time she watched alfred die, she cried until machiam like her friend died... she went to her boyfriend S, face covered in tears, choking...

cc: alfred died!!!!! *sobs*
S: o.O??? who is alfred????
cc: *explain who alfred is... the cute guy on channel 55*
S: -.-

i also had my fair share of crying sobbing wailing... here and here.

haha... girls...