Friday, 18 September 2009


For the past three days, when i say grace, in addition to "Dear God, Thank You for the food, may You bless the food into my body", i needed to add one more phrase, "Help me not to puke out the food. Amen"


GAH... i had a bad bout of gastric flu alternating between puking and lao-sai-ing (diarrhoea). if i had a choice, i'd rather just have diarrhoea cos i HATE vomitting. i hate tasting the regurgitated food =PPPPPPP and sometimes it comes out from the nostrils >.< i can puke until cry one... actually, i always cry when i puke, donno why... is it a reflex action? for the first day, i just couldn't keep ANY food in my body. i either puked or lao out everything... even water and medicine >.< *sobs* but thank God we have two toilets so i can puke in one and lao in another. can you imgaine you need to puke in the same W.C. IMMEDIATELY after you lao sai. gross la!!!!

Thank God I feel better now but am putting off anything spicy, oily and made of dairy.

sheesh, think i lost 2 kg...