Tuesday, 29 September 2009

G Force

I read in the papers that the sale of guinea pigs increased after the hit cartoon G Force. This worries me... when people buy animals as pets on impulse because soon, when the novelty has worn off, they will find the pets not cute anymore and the poor animals will be abandoned. I hope people will think carefully before getting a pet. a pet is a lifetime commitment. i hope parents will educate their children about responsibilities.

last time nemo also like that. and vendors reported that 40% of owners gave feedback that within one month, the fish died -.- of cos la!!! clown fish is a reef fish!!! you need special equipment to maintain a special tank to keep this special fish!!! stupid P.O.S. i am also upset at businessmen cashing in on the popular of these pets after certain hit movies.... P.O.S

To chris and me, a pet is family. if we adopt a pet, the pet becomes family and we will be committed to care for it until it dies. some people find that they "have no time for their pets" when they have a kid...(you know who you are, yes yes i'm talking about you haha...) we just find it weird... cos if we do get pregnant (choy choy choy), the baby will have to be content with west and claire being kor kor and che che. people don't "abandon" their elder children when they have another kid so we don't get why they should give up their pets when they have kids. pets and children can definitely grow up together (er... if your pet is a labrador or python... then maybe you got to be more careful k?) in fact, we feel that it is healthy for a child to grow up with a pet. but if you really do feel you can't take care of the pet anymore, at least try to find another responsible owner k?

haiz... i just hope there won't be many abandoned guinea pigs (the stray cats will be v thrilled) because when you "set your pet free" (with the exception of turtles), you're actually not setting it free, you're leaving it to die as prey. i have read about how some wolf heart dog lung people wrap a bunny inside a PLASTIC BAG and place it beside a garbage bin. @#$@#$%@#$%$^%@$^ it's an animal!!!! @!$#%#@$%$#@^%@ a living thing!!!! the poor creature can feel pain, has feelings. animals can feel sad and heart-broken too. these people should just go eat sh*t and die and after that their bodies put in a plastic bag and thrown into a garbage bin!!!!!!! *RRRRRROARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!* #@%#@^$#%^!#%#^$%#^%#$^%$^%$^&^*@#!#$@$@!#%^&%*()^&^%$#@!#$%^&*%^$#@!$%^&*^%$#@$%^

*pant pant pant* donno why, these few days when i read the news my blood will boil... vandalising SGNs la, people buying pets on impulse la >.< no wonder my masseuse says my huo3 qi4 (fire) is very big =PP

remember, to you he is just a pet. to him, you are everything.