Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Gone In A Flash

pris and i went to see grace off today but there was so much bing bing biang biang that we didn't really get to spend much time w her =( we were supposed to have lunch together and i brought my cam and also wanted to pray for her but didn't even get to take a pic with her... this was what happened...

grace flight was at 1:50pm and she SMSed me at about 10 am saying they're leaving at 10:45 so i called her...

me: eh, i just had breakfast with my mum...
grace: okok, i need to go to my mum's house first. then i will take a while to check in... we meet at about 12:20 to 12:30 at the airport ^^ let's make it 12:20! meet at 12:20!

i mentally added half an hour to the 12:20 i.e. 12:50pm

at 12 pm i received an SMS...

grace: sorry meet at 12:40

-.- why am i not surprised? so i went to fetch pris and we reached at 12:40. on the dot.

grace was still queueing to check in -.-

so pris and i went to eat first... we eat eat eat... then grace n rog came at about 1 pm (did i say her flight was at 1:50pm???) with a trolley full of stuff... including a trolley luggage bag, thick thick hardcover book, a saucepan and a portable STOVE.

pris and i: O.O
grace: ah ya, overweight so i can't check these in. i will hand-carry ^^
me: O.O||| er... r u sure u can hand-carry ALL THAT?

so she hurriedly ate her laksa... and then she started having doubts about being able to hand-carry all that and we started talking about people we know who have been denied boarding because their hand-carry stuff were too much or they turned up too late...

so rog helped her squeeze whatever he could into her haversack...

grace: dear! why u give me this? *removed the padlock* adds weight!
me: -.- er... it's a PADLOCK! how much does it weigh?? anyway, it's important!
grace: AH YA! every tiny bit counts! *flings it away...*
roger: sighs... next time don't take this kind of cheap flight! if u take SQ, you won't have this kind of problem!
me: LOL i wanted to say that... but didn't dare LOLL

she had a big bag of toiletries...

me: wa, your tubes look quite big...
grace: all less than 250ml ^^
pris and i: 100ML!!!!!!!!!!!!
grace: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! *started looking through her bottles and tubes*
me: *pointed to a large tube* this one quite large
grace: it's ok la, i used half already!
pris n i: CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grace: HUH???????
pris n i: -___________-|||

so anyway, she realised all her tubes and bottles were less than 100ml so it was ok.

she also had a bag of stationery...

me: er... grace, you can buy these in taiwan ma...
grace: but these r the cute cute ones!!!!
me: -.- *spots liquid paper* AH! liquid paper! cannot! must pack with your toiletries!

then after roger has packed in everything, zipped and fastened...

grace: AH! wait, put in these *pass him a stack of envelopes*
roger: CANNOT! i zipped already!!!! you hand-carry la!
grace: must put inside! these are my important documents!!!! wait i drop how??
pris n i: -______________-||| (then u earlier don't say??)

so roger squeezed here squeezed there, pris helped to push here grab there, managed to zip and fasten... grace passed me her stuffed koala bear and i was like one hand holding my prada bag, the other hand hugging a stuffed koala bear -.-||| two ang mo ladies O.O me... while grace tried to squeeze her hairdryer into her sling-bag...

me: time check - 1:28pm!!!! (did i mention her flight was at 1:50pm?)
grace: AAAHHHH!!!!!

so end up pris n i only managed to group-hug her and say a quick prayer and i only managed a quick shot of her wheeling the trolley past me =(

she was gone in a flash...

*sobs* i will miss her... she is so cartoon la...