Friday, 11 September 2009

Macro Shots 1: Tiny Animals

i borrowed my goodest bestest friend jiahui's 100mm macro f/2.8 and took some macro shots. no no no, no butterflies or dragonflies la! they zhioop here zhioop ther so fast i couldn't catch =(

to take a good macro shot, you need:
1. macro lens la *slap forehead* although some people say tele also can...
2. insects that r still (hummingbird that kind will be v difficult, need v fast lens)
3. tripod
4. if shooting plants, best is there is no wind. got wind sure blur one
5. cable release if u want to minimise movement
6. a lot of patience and some luck: sometimes u wait wait wait until hair turned white also got no insect LOL
7. to open your eyes big big O.O to spot something "shoot-able"
8. i find having a spray bottle handy to create the "dew" look

this froggy was in our pond (our pond has quite a few froggies and tadpoles =D) but he was in a position that i can only shoot from the top and i didn't dare to go v near cos scared he jump!)

this snail (about a 5c coin size) was crawling vvvv slowly by the pond...

my best find was probably this tiny (about the size of a cooked rice grain) green grasshopper on a red leaf =)