Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Man and Bunny

rmb i blogged about my father-in-law talking to his dog? well, chris is indeed his son...

chris: my child, you're v blessed u know? *stroke him lovingly*
west: -.- *golly, there he goes again*
chris: other bunnies live in cages... you live in such a big enclosure...!
west: -.- *get me more hay please. make sure it's APD. have you cleaned the toilet?*
chris: and the fan is on 24/7!
west: -.- *i'd much prefer air con, thank you*
chris: you're v v cute!
west: -.- *but of course*
chris: daddy love! *kiss west's forehead*
west: >.< *yuck dad! this is embarassing! what if the girls see you kissing me???*