Saturday, 5 September 2009

Packing for Trip

unlike a certain friend of mine (i won't mention names) and a certain colleague too... wait... is she my friend? *scratch head* hm.... k la k la, that colleague also quite "friend" la, i usually pack in advance. for short neighbouring trips, i'd pack about 3-4 days in advance... for longer trips (like japan, europe) i sometimes pack as early as 1-2 weeks in advance... chris used to think i am v kiasu... he'd come home from work one day and see all the luggage bags lined up in the wardrobe and go O.O||| "dear! u r v kiasu!"

but now he appreciates it ^^ i will pack about 7788 one day then a bit a bit everyday cos sometimes forget this forget that or the piece of clothing i want to bring needs to be washed or realised need to buy disposable shaver for chris etc. i am in charge of the clothes n toiletries while chris is in charge of the lap top la, chargers la, cash la.

we will try to check in on-line too if possible, especially for night flights cos we'll try to choose the aisle bulk seats (those in front got no seats so got more leg room one, need to go toilet also don't need to s'kew me squeeze out...)

then got to send the kids for boarding, check fish pond food dispenser working properly... before leaving close windows, close all WC covers, check all lights switched off... yeah... so if very rushed, very stressed one...

we have never rushed for a flight cos chris will want to leave early... usually we book a cab (chris doesn't like the stress of waiting by the road with luggage and there are no cabs) so we'd reach airport, check in luggage then eat, shop, sit around, check internet, chris drink kopi i drink tea hahaha... oh but there was once in Oz we had to DASH to the gate cos they announced our name... that one not our fault. the transfer from hotel to airport broke down >.< so we had to wait there for another pick-up. thank God we didn't miss our flight.

can't wait ^^